Discover the Ahr wine region

The Ahr in the north of Rhineland-Palatinate is Germany's largest contiguous red wine producing area. Its steep, heat-retaining slate hillsides – which are volcanic in origin – are perfect for cultivating exquisite grapes. It is sheltered by the Eifel hills, and the mild climate of the Cologne basin also provides favourable growing conditions. Today's growers who cultivate the vines in the romantic hills overlooking the meandering river Ahr are continuing a tradition established by the Romans. In 1868 a wine cooperative was established by the wine growers of the Ahr region. This was a pioneering move for it as it was the first organisation of its kind in the world.

White wines

Weissburgunder (pinot blanc)
This most elegant of white burgundy varieties produces characterful wines that are fantastically fresh and sensuously smooth. Thanks to the predominantly slate soils of the Ahr valley, its Weissburgunder wines are intensely fruity, elegant and agreeably acidic – the perfect accompaniment for a variety of foods.

Grauer Burgunder (pinot gris)
This is a full-bodied wine that is subtle and restrained on the palate. Sometimes known as Ruländer – and internationally also as pinot grigio – it might have the aromas of pineapple, apricot, lemon, vanilla, butter or green beans. This wine develops an exciting yet balanced acidity in the Ahr's slate soils.

This grape is one of the world's finest white wine varieties and one of the most widely planted in Germany. Riesling grapes produce excellent wines ranging from dry to noble sweet. Riesling wines are zesty and racy with a hint of peach, apple, grapefruit, honey or roses. The Ahr's steep, stony, heat-retaining hillsides yield rieslings with strong mineral notes and a good acidic structure.

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Red wines

Spätburgunder (pinot noir)
This grape requires a long time to reach maturity but growers who are not afraid of the work and the risks of a late harvest are rewarded with one of Germany's very finest red wines. These wines are velvety, fiery and full of character. The Ahr's hillsides and slate soils, though highly labour-intensive, offer the ideal conditions for this grape variety to develop a balance between colour, fruitiness and a burgundy bouquet. They also give it a distinctively mineral note.

Frühburgunder (pinot madeleine)
This smooth, aromatic Ahr speciality is becoming increasingly popular. It reaches maturity much earlier than Spätburgunder. Pinot madeleine is promoted by Slow Food Deutschland due to its important contribution to biological diversity and the high quality of the wines produced from the grape.

A lively, uncomplicated wine that is low in acidity and pleasant to drink. The grapes mature early. Portugieser has been grown in significantly higher quantities over the last few years.

Holidays in the Ahr Valley

Ahr Valley

Here you will find more information about holidays in the Ahr Valley.

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