Eifelsteig Trail: Hiking through a volcanic region

There are 313 kilometres to explore on the Eifelsteig – 313 richly varied kilometres that guide you through unspoilt scenery on a high proportion of all-natural tracks. Where the landscape changes all the time and sensational views follow one after another. "Just you, the water and the rocks" is the slogan for the trail and perfectly captures the Eifelsteig experience. The further you venture, the more you see. It begins with flat countryside in the north near Aachen, heads across the Hohe Venn moorlands and into secluded Rurtal valley passing vast reservoirs on its way. Then comes the region that gave the trail its name: the Eifel, where the national park, the limestone and volcanic rocks and the southern Eifel are part of a journey of discovery to take the breath away.

Eifelsteig hiking trail

Eifelsteig trail: Profile

"Just you, the rocks and the water" is the slogan for the Eifelsteig long-distance hiking trail.

Hiking the Eifelsteig

Stages & maps

The Eifelsteig at a glance. Stages and maps for hiking the Eifelsteig.

More about the Eifelsteig

More about the Eifelsteig

Eifel Tourismus GmbH
Phone: +49(0)6551/9656-0
E-Mail: info(at)eifel.info

Hiking package

Eifelsteig hiking package
Long-distance walking tours with luggage transfers
7 days / 6 nights - from 378 Euro


  • View from Dronketurm to the Gemünder Maar
  • Weinfelder Maar
  • Dronketurm near Gemünder Maar
  • Hiker at Kuckucksley
  • Hiker at Kuckucksley
  • Hiker at Kalvarienberg near Blankenheim-Alendorf
  • Hiker at Nohner Wasserfall
  • Hiker at Rother Kopf near Roth
  • Weinfelder Maar
  • Hiker at Weinfelder Maar
  • Have a braek at Nerotherkopf
  • Wolfshügel near Einruhr
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