Kyll Cycle Route

The Kyll Cycle Route follows the lovely Kyll river as it winds its picturesque way through the upland scenery of the Eifel region. There are few ascents to negotiate as the route mostly stays close to the river where it's flat.

The lakes and reservoirs of the northern Eifel give way to the Volcanic Eifel, shaped by elemental forces in prehistoric times, as the Kyll flows through a varied landscape of hills and meadows, past cliffs and wooded volcanic peaks. Bitburg is the home of the famous Bitburg beer. Fancy a visit to the brewery?

On holiday, it's alright to be a bit lazy sometimes, so why not switch to the Kyll Valley Railway for part of the way? The Kyll Cycle Route ends in Trier, Germany's oldest town, where the Kyll flows into the Moselle. Time to explore the many traces of Trier's Roman history or perhaps for a ride along the Moselle Cycle Route.


Cycle packages

Eifel cycle tour along the Kyll and Moselle
6 days / 5 nights - from 470 Euro
5 days / 4 nights - from 398 Euro


Cycle packages

Cycling tour of Rhine, Moselle, Lahn, Kyll & Saar
8 days / 7 nights - from 499 Euro
5 days / 4 nights - from 315 Euro
4 days / 3 nights - from 195 Euro


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