Pfälzer Weinsteig trail: Profile

Wine and forest - these two are the elements for which the region is best known, and embody the peace and tranquillity of the Pfälzer Weinstig. Starting out from the "house of the German Wine Route" at Bockenheim, the trail follows the outline of the northern Haardt Mountains to Bad Dürkheim, where the town‘s famous giant wine cask is a must-see. Romantic paths lead past an ocean of Palatine vines to Seebach Abbey and the ruins of Wachtenburg Fortress near Wachenheim. After a short stop at St. Michael‘s Chapel, the hiker will finally reach the historical town hall near Deidesheim. The trail continues on via Neustadt an der Weinstrasse with its historical old quarter and impressive views of Hambach Castle.

Of sun-kissed vineyards and panoramic forests

Having completed the shady forest legs and sunny paths across Edenkoben Valley, the trail leads on to Villa Ludwigshöhe. Near Dernbach, it passes Neuscharfeneck Castle, the imperial fortress Trifels near Annweiler on Trifels, as well as the fortress ruins Anebos and Münz. Then the Pfälzer Weinsteig continues on towards Klingenmünster and Landeck Castle via Bad Bergzabern all the way to Schweigen-Rechtenbach, where it - just like the Pfälzer Waldpfad - ends, and opportunities are offered to continue on your hike across the region.

Castle ruins, wine villages, the 673-metre Kalmit peak, and impressive vistas across the vineyards in the Rhine Valley are just some of the many sights to take in on this route. And if all the hiking gives you a thirst, a little break at one of the top wineries along the way will definitely be worth your while!

Streckenverlauf und Etappenübersicht Pfälzer Weinsteig
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