Wine regions

Rhineland-Palatinate is Germany's number one wine-producing region. Its mild, sunny climate and nutrient-rich soils are perfectly suited for growing grapes. The six wine regions of the Ahr, Moselle, Middle Rhine, Nahe, Rheinhessen and Palatinate encompass the full range of German wines. Those regions are also home to a rich cultural life of fine cuisine, fascinating history and a wide range of leisure activities. The pleasure will be all yours!

Wine region: Ahr Valley


The Ahr Valley is Germany's largest contiguous red wine producing area, made famous by its innovative wine makers.

Wine region: Middle Rhine

Middle Rhine

The epitome of a German wine region with castles and crags towering above the river Rhine and hillside vineyards.

Wine region: Moselle


One of Germany's most spectacular wine regions. Think of wonderful rieslings from the region's best hillside vineyards.

Wine region: Nahe


The rich and varied Nahe region provides the best growing conditions for excellent wines. The origin of this wide variety is the region's turbulent geological past.

Wine region: Palatinate/Pfalz


Palatinate wine and the region's cuisine are a treat for the taste buds and combined with the stunning scenery an experience for all the senses.

Wine region: Rheinhessen


Vineyards as far as the eye can see cover Germany's largest wine region. Its wine growers are famous for their creativity.

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