Wining and dining

A fine wine and a good meal are a match made in heaven. Regardless of whether it's Michelin-starred cuisine or a vintner's platter at a wine estate. The Wine Land Rhineland-Palatinate is home to seasonal wine rooms and taverns as well as gourmet restaurants, which are all committed to providing the warmest of welcomes. There is always a bias towards regional dishes using locally sourced ingredients and the best produce from the region is often on show, some bearing the SooNahe regional brand. The mild climate is conducive for growing sweet chestnuts, white cabbages, peaches, apricots and almonds. Typical dishes include stuffed cabbage, sauerkraut with pork chops and dippekuchen, a dish of grated potatoes, onion and meat. Saumagen or stuffed pork belly earned quite a reputation in the world of politics, and in the autumn there is nothing better than federweisser (the newly harvested wine) served with zwiebelkuchen (bacon and onion flan).

Culinary stars of Rhineland-Palatinate

A fine wine calls for a good meal. And in Rhineland-Palatinate, there is plenty of both! The choice of restaurants in every region of Rhineland-Palatinate extends to gourmet establishments. There are delicious potato dishes from the Hunsrück and Westerwald regions, freshly caught fish from the Rhine and Moselle, and wild game from the Palatinate and the Eifel. Wine is a welcome accompaniment to the regional specialities and you can try a different variety every time. Riesling and silvaner varieties go beautifully with trout or fresh asparagus; red wines such as dornfelder are a perfect accompaniment for roast venison. The warm hospitality that you'll find in hotels and restaurants mirrors the friendliness of the locals. Rhineland-Palatinate's restaurants are being awarded more and more Michelin stars, highlighting the excellent quality of cuisine here in the kitchens of the star chefs themselves but also at the many gourmet events across the whole of the region.

Gourmet restaurants

Gourmet restaurants

Click here for a list of the top 30 restaurants in Rhineland-Palatinate.

Wine aromas

Wine aromas

How can we describe aromas and express them in words? You'll find the answer here.

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