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A special experience for any friend of wine is to visit the vineyards and learn about the traditions and history of German wine from the one person who really knows - the winemaker himself. Obviously the collection of information below only gives you a short introduction in German wines and viticulture!

The "terroir" is important for every wine grower and every wine. Experts use this word to refer to all the natural factors that influence the wine. These include the soil, the climate, the site, the workers and their skills in handling the grapes. Wines are like regional ambassadors - they embody the characteristics of their "terroir" and the personality of the people who helped to produce them.

Julius Cäsar...
... ordered his troops to take wine with them wherever they went and to plant vines if stationed for any length of time.

What is a Strausswirtschaft?
An inn selling home-produced wine (also known as a Besenwirtschaft). For several weeks every year, wine growers sell their own wine - and advertise the fact by hanging out a bouquet (Strauss) or a broom (Besen).

Federweisser is fresh, unfiltered grape must that is still fermenting. It does not legally qualify as wine. Taste a Federweisser together with Zwiebelkuchen (onion cake) at a wine festival.

Ahr valley, red wine paradise

Award-winning Ahr-wines

In 1989 Werner Näkel secured the first German Red Wine Prize for the Ahr valley. Today the Ahr is home to several German top vineyards and wines of international recognition.

Rheinhessen vineyards

Great Wine Capitals

In 2008 Mainz and Rheinhessen were admitted to the "Great Wine Capitals" global network, standing for excellent wine quality and a great wine culture.

Almond blossom in the Palatinate region

The Palatinate at almond blossom time

The almond blossom season along the German Wine Route is a much-anticipated time of year, with the canopy of delicate pink buds signalling the end of winter.

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