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The Hunsrück: Perfect for a hiking holiday in Germany and much more

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  • HEIMAT-location Günderodehaus at Oberwesel
    HEIMAT-location Günderodehaus at Oberwesel
  • View to Gemünden castlem Winter
    View to Gemünden castle
  • Market place at Kirchberg
    Market place at Kirchberg
  • Sculpture at Mount Erbeskopf
    Sculpture at Mount Erbeskopf
  • View from Mount Erbeskopf
    View from Mount Erbeskopf
  • Kastellaun with its medieval castle
    Kastellaun with its medieval castle

Travel highlights and activities in the Hunsrück

Follow the Hunsrück-Höhenstraße (Hunsrück Hill Route) which leads for 175 Kilometres through low mountain ranges, a beautiful landscape and pretty towns and villages with half-timbered houses. Visit Germany’s longest suspension bridge in Hunsrück, the "Geierlay suspension bridge", 360 metres long and 100 metres above the Mörsdorfer Bach valley.

Kastellaun: Shaped by history

The historical town Kastellaun is situated in the middle of the Hunsrück low-mountain-range area and nevertheless close to two impressive river valleys, the Rhine and Moselle. Visit the old quarter with its two churches, picturesque half-timbered houses and the medieval ruin of Kastellaun castle.

Mount Erbeskopf and the Hunsrückhaus activity centre

The Erbeskopf is the highest elevation in Rhineland-Palatinate, offering great possibilities for outdoor activities, from hiking to a ride on the summer toboggan run. There is also located the Hunsrückhaus activity centre for nature and environment. Especially for families it offers an exhibition about the natural landscape of the Hunsrück, a forest playground and a sensory trail, along with an extensive range of events.

HEIMAT is Hunsrück

HEIMAT is the title of a German TV series which made the Hunsrück region famous worldwide. With the HEIMAT film cycles producer Edgar Reitz set milestones in German and international film history. But HEIMAT is also a feeling. HEIMAT is Hunsrück.The characters in the film are unthinkable without their ties to the family, the villages and the landscape in the Hunsrück and Rhine valley areas.
A brochure of the Hunsrück-Touristik GmbH introduces you to the most important HEIMAT locations in the Hunsrück and in the Loreley valley.

Hunolsteiner Klammtour: Hike with a visit to a Farmhouse Café

The Hunolsteiner Klammtour Ravine Tour is one of the "Dream Walks", as the popular circular hiking routes in the Hunsrück are known. The starting point is perfectly located for anyone with the "rumbles" directly adjacent to the "Hunolsteiner Hof" farmhouse café close to Morbach/Hunolstein. The first highlight on the ten kilometre long hike is a visit to the ruins of Hunolstein Castle with a sweeping view over the deep Dhron Valley and the beautiful Hunsrück countryside. From there, the route descends into the valley where the raging River Dhron winds between steep cliff walls on its way down the valley to join the Moselle. The trail is particularly exhilarating in the wildly romantic Holzbach Ravine with its waterfall. Breathtaking views and the gastronomic temptations of the farmhouse café signal the end of the hike.

More sights and leisure tips

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Eisenhammer (Weiperath) | Morbach-Weiperath

Reproduction of a historic iron hammer from the Dhronthal


Indoor children's hall jungle village | Simmern

Indoor world of adventure for children in a tropical atmosphere

Big game protection park | Rheinboellen

Hochwildschutzpark Hunsrück (BIG GAME PROTECTION PARK)

alle year from 9 am to 7 om. The park closes from April to August at 8...

Ev. Kirche Thalfang | Thalfang

The origins of the church today are at the beginning of the 13th century. The nave, which was built in th hich Gothic style, was built around 1300...

Der Ruwer-Hochwald-Radweg | Kell am See

Just through the midst of nature ...

What may become of a railway line when no train is moving any more, the new Ruwer-Hochwald-bike trail...

Burgruine Hunolstein | Morbach-Hunolstein

Castle ruin Hunolstein On the western edge of the village Hunolstein lies something hidden the ruin of the former castle of the same name. The...

Der Schinderhannes- und Soonwald-Radweg | Simmern

Experience cycling fun where steam locomotives once panted and puffed - 38 kilometres of cycle tracks on the former

Landgasthof Rauland | Thalfang

The oldest restaurant of Thalfang

Barefoot-Path & Tree Labyrinth | Schillingen

Barefoot-path over various elements such as forest-substrate, grass, gravel etc and tree labyrinth.

Barefoot through nature - take off your...

Skiing region Greimerath / Zerf | Greimerath

Skiing region Greimerath/Zerf · 600 m ü.NN

Cross country ski run "Hochwaldloipe" (between Weiskirchen and Greimerath)


Natural Ice Rink Kell am See | Kell am See

Natural Ice Rink

Situation: At the northern corner of the lake.

Parking-possibilities: car parks near the Hotel Fronhof at the lake...

Der Saar-Hunsrück-Steig | Kell am See

Between Idar-Oberstein, Trier and Perl, the Saar-Hunsrück-Steig across a magnificent mountain range offers at over 200 km total length the sheer...

Summer toboggan run | Deuselbach

"Fun for the whole family" is the slogan of the summer tobbogan run located at the foot of the mountain Erbeskopf 816 m...

Naturpark Soonwald-Nahe | Simmern

Discover the forests and hills around Simmern. Sometimes romantic and steeped in legend...

Forest Restaurant & Skewer-Roast-Hall | Schillingen

Tel .: 06589-618



This skewer-roast-hall with big beer...