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Holidays in the Palatinate and along the German Wine Route

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  • Nikolauskapelle near Klingenmünster
    Nikolauskapelle near Klingenmünster
  • Falkenstein ruin: Pfälzer Höhenweg trail
    Falkenstein ruin: Pfälzer Höhenweg trail
  • Almond blossom in the Palatinate
    Almond blossom in the Palatinate
  • Vineyards at Villa Ludwigshöhe, Edenkoben
    Vineyards at Villa Ludwigshöhe, Edenkoben
  • Landeck castle near Klingenmünster
    Landeck castle near Klingenmünster
  • Exposition at Hambacher Schloss
    Exposition at Hambacher Schloss, Neustadt a.d.W.
  • Wellness in the Palatinate vineyards
    Wellness in the Palatinate vineyards

Travel highlights and activities in the Palatinate

Looking for wine, sekt, secco or wine vinegar? Kiwi fruit, lemons, figs or chestnuts? Then the lush Palatinate region with its mild climate and hospitable people is the place for you! Follow the delights of wine culture across the broad hills of the region, along the German Wine Route to the picturesque wine villages, fortresses and castles.

Selected Palatinate Castles... Signposts of History

Lichtenberg Castle, located in Kusel in the Palatinate, was once one of the largest castles in Germany. As it was never destroyed, it is perfect for tourists to visit even today. It is now home to three museums, a youth hostel and a restaurant, so that visitors can learn about the history and life in the castle – as well as look after their body and soul.

There is also Hardenburg Castle in Bad Dürkheim, which was one of the largest and most important estates in all of Germany and so is also certainly worth a visit.

Reichsburg Trifels Castle presides over the town of Annweiler. English King Richard the Lionheart was held captive here for three weeks in 1193. You can read about this event in the exhibition in the imperial castle and you can also view the crown jewels of the Holy Roman Empire, which were temporarily stored here.

Also worth a visit is Hambach Castle, in which the German Wine Queen is elected every year. The "Hambach Festival" held in 1832, at which over 30,000 people gathered to protest, is also considered a symbol of the democracy movement in Germany.

Some of the best-preserved structures are the Castle Ruins of Landeck, which date back to the Stauffer era. The ruins include a wide range of sights and eateries and are also the venue for a number of different events, including the oldest Medieval Castle Festival in the Palatinate region.


The largest Roman church in Germany has been on the UNESCO World Heritage list since 1981 and attracts visitors from all over the world with its medieval beauty.

Once a center of politics and power, Speyer now captivates visitors with its breathtaking views and impressive historical Old Town. The Via Triumphalis, Speyer's shopping promenade, is lined by hundreds of open-air seats for 'spectators'. Between the cathedral and the Old Gate, a wealth of modern street cafés, traditional wine taverns and lively bistros are bunched together like pearls on a string.

Oleanders adorn your way through the romantic alleys, palms decorate the historic squares and the beautiful promenades encourage you to linger. Speyer is clearly a place of stylish romance! Speyer's highlight recommended by the German Wine Institute is the original Roman wine, which is the oldest fluent wine in the world (can be seen at the Historical Museum Pfalz Speyer).

Pretty in pink

The almond blossom season along the German Wine Route is a much-anticipated time of year, with the canopy of delicate pink buds signalling the end of winter. Among the highlights for visitors are the almond blossom festival, special seasonal walks, almond-based wellness treatments and mouthwatering almond delicacies.

Culture and Wine Ambassadors of the Palatinate

The Palatinate Culture and Wine Ambassadors offer an interesting programme, because they know their region like the back of their hand and have a way to convey their in-depth knowledge with fun and entertainment. They can provide anecdotes and insider tips at the drop of a hat, and will always have a good bottle of wine at hand.

Discover the secrets of vinotherapy

A grapeseed exfoliation treatment to enhance the skin's receptivity, followed by a massage with cold-pressed grapeseed oil - pure pleasure for body and soul, topped off perhaps by a glass of fine wine in the evening.
Grapes for a beautiful complexion? Today parts of the grape that were once discarded - the skin and the seeds - are used in vinotherapy beauty treatments. The seeds and skin of the grape contain polyphen oils, which can protect from free radicals and prevent skin ageing.
Also in the Palatinate the delights of the grape are used in beauty treatments, for example at the spa towns of Bad Dürkheim and Bad Bergzabern.

View over the spa town of Bad Dürkheim:

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More sights and leisure tips

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On the Trail of the Protestation | Speyer

The Great Imperial Diet of 1529 put Speyer into the focal point of German history.

Nineteen Lutheran princes publicly espoused their...

Reichsburg Trifels | Annweiler am Trifels

The Trifels, the noblest king festivals of the Hohenstaufen period, located on the highest of the three mounds, above Annweiler.

Burgenmassiv Alt-Dahn - Grafendahn - Tanstein | Dahn

Phone +49 6391.993543,,

near Dahn

The oldest parts of the largest fortification in the...

Schöntalweiher | Ludwigswinkel

lake near Ludwigswinkel

Krämerstein | Landstuhl

The „Krämerstein“ in Landstuhl at the „Fleischackerloch is a 120 meter long rocky reef with 12 meter high sandstone rocks.

Zoo Kaiserslautern | Kaiserslautern


… to the ZOO

A paradise with a lot of adventures for the whole family!

Relax, experience nature and learn a lot about...

Collegiate Church | Kaiserslautern

Full of history and noteworthy. Even without being an art or church historian, if you look at the Kaiserslautern Collegiate Church you see that it...

Fleischackerloch | Landstuhl

The „Fleischackerloch“ is a rock formation with a jungle-likely existence of old trees.

Because of its originality, the „Fleischackerloch“,...

Imperial Palace and underneath escape passages | Kaiserslautern

Imperial Palace and Count Palatine Hall - Unfortunately both don't exist any longer - neither Barbarossa's Kaiserpfalz (Imperial Palace) nor the...

Burg Berwartstein | Erlenbach bei Dahn

near Erlenbach

The only habitable castle in the Palatinate. The impressive 12th century fortress rises on top of a high rock. Well...

Haus Jörg Otterberg | Otterberg

Jörg House

This corne house built in the Baroque Style, situated close to the site of the former town gate, was erected by the master...

Burg Nanstein, Landstuhl | Landstuhl

Opening hours:

Apr – Sep: 9 am - 6 pm

Oct – Mar: 10 am – 4 pm

Closed in December and on Mondays (except...

Naturerlebnisbad Landstuhl | Landstuhl

Ein Traum wird wahr.

Chemical-free and velvet water, an exciting rafting track, a rock for jumping and child-oriented cascade-pools wait...

Storchenturm | Neustadt/Weinstrasse

Der Storchenturm: The old stork’s tower has not yet been re-visited by the many storks who have now decided to build their nests in the wine...

St. Andreas Kirche | Landstuhl

Im Jahre 1752/53, also in der Endphase der Sickinger-Dynastie, entstand die Pfarrkirche St.Andreas.

The baroque city church accommodates...