Gastlandschaften Rheinland-Pfalz
  • Castles & palaces in Romantic Germany
    Castles & palaces in Romantic Germany
  • Hambacher Schloss palace
    Hambacher Schloss palace
  • Trifels castle near Annweiler am Trifels
    Trifels castle near Annweiler am Trifels
  • Burg Thurant on the Moselle valley
    Burg Thurant in the Moselle valley
  • Marksburg castle near Braubach on the Rhine
    Marksburg castle
  • Burg Katz in the romantic Rhine valley
    Burg Katz in the romantic Rhine valley
  • Burg Katz on the river Moselle
    Burg Katz on the river Moselle

Castles and palaces in Romantic Germany

The regions around Rhine and Moselle have more than 500 castles, castle ruins, palaces and fortresses: Fairytale castles and as well fortified hideouts for infamous robber-barons set on steep crags in the river valleys. As the region played an important role in German and European history in the Middle Ages today retains a vibrant feel of mediaeval times. Tournaments and castle fairs recreate the atmosphere of bygone days. Music and drama are performed in opulent baroque surroundings and magnificent courtly settings.

Burg Arras | Alf

The Arras castle complex is today a castle hotel and a museum.


Burg Thurant | Alken

For centuries Ehrenburg Castle has perched atop a sheer, rocky crag rising above the wild, romantic forests of the Hunsrück hills close to the...

Alzey Castle | Alzey

The building complex, constructed in the 13th century, was the nucleus of the Rhenish Palsgraviate and secondary residence and headquarters of ...

Burg Namedy | Andernach

The location of Burg Namedy Castle in a flat plain on the Rhine near Andernach makes this noble seat founded by the Hausmann family stand out from...

Stadtburg Andernach | Andernach

The citadel of Andernach was built by the Archbishopric of Cologne in the 12th century to secure the position of the city.

The top floor of...

Reichsburg Trifels | Annweiler am Trifels


The Trifels, the noblest king festivals of the Hohenstaufen period, located on the highest of the three mounds, above Annweiler. It...

Schlossruine Arenberg | Aremberg

Arenberg castle ruin

There is a beautiful hiking area all around Arenberg castle. The tower can still be viewed from the outside from the...

Burg Stahleck | Bacharach

The enfeoffment of Count Hermann von Stahleck with the County Palatine of the Rhine - 1142/3 - marks the rise of the town of Bacharach and...

Löwenburg | Bad Honnef

Löwenburg Castle near Bad Honnef is a castle ruin which remains preserved in terms of its foundation walls and is one of the few complexes on the...

Schloss Arenfels | Bad Hönningen

Arenfels Palace owes its current appearance to a prominent master builder: Ernst Friedrich Zwirner was Karl Friedrich Schinkel’s student. Zwirner,...

Kauzenburg mit Rittermahl | Bad Kreuznach

auzenburg Castle on the “Schlossberg” hill was built by the counts of Sponheim in the early 13th century. The historic New Town developed around...

Die Ebernburg | Bad Münster am Stein-Ebernburg

First mentioned in 1209, several times destroyed and rebuilt. Since 1448 Kurpfaelzer fief of the lords of Sickingen and thus also the birthplace...

Schloss Sinzig | Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler

Sinzig Castle

The Sinzig Castle of today, which is located in the town of the same name, is a complete new construction from the 1850s....

Schloss Sayn | Bendorf

Sayn Castle was first of all merely a castellan’s house: in the second half of the 15th century, the barons of Reiffenberg had built it underneath...

Burg Sayn | Bendorf

Today, Sayn Castle is a venue for weddings and functions. Hikers too can enjoy the view of the old ruins; the Rheinsteig and Saynsteig trails run...