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Calmont Tempel (Quelle: Tourist-Information Ferienland Cochem)

Roman Temple on the Calmont | Bremm

Very recently reconstructed Roman mountain temple at the highest point of the Calmont mountain, vis-a-vis Stuben convent. Both these places of...

Schlangenturm (Foto: Tourist-Information Stromberg, Quelle: Naheland-Touristik GmbH)

Schlangenturm | Stromberg

The rehabilitated historic tower, was a part of the former city wall. Such towers were armed with field guns which named “Feldschlangen” – so the...

Schleifen (Quelle: Tourist Information EdelSteinLand j.P.d.Ö.R.)

Historische Edelstein-Wasserschleiferei Biehl | Asbacherhütte

Historical Gemstone Cutting Mill Biehl, Asbacherhütte

At the historical Gemstone Cutting Mill Biehl you may learn how the cutters used to...

Burgruine (Quelle: Tourist Information EdelSteinLand j.P.d.Ö.R.)

Burgruine Bosselstein | Idar-Oberstein

Bosselstein Castle and Oberstein Castle

They sit enthroned high up above the historical suburb of Oberstein. The ruin of Bosselstein...

Burgruine Neu-Dahn Dahner Felsenland (Quelle: Tourist-Information Dahner Felsenland)

Burgruine Neudahn | Dahn



north-west of Dahn

The ruins date back to the 13th...

Burg Dattenberg_Bergfried (Foto: Friedrich Gier, Quelle: Romantischer Rhein Tourismus GmbH)

Burg Dattenberg | Linz am Rhein

Dattenberg Castle, which was probably built in the first half of the 13th century by the family who gave it its name, had already fallen into ruin...

Hausansicht (Quelle: Tourist-Information Maifeld)

Erlebnismuseum Münstermaifeld | Münstermaifeld

The Homeland and Adventure Museum in Münstermaifeld

The Homeland and Adventure Museum (Heimat- und Erlebnismuseum) in the old priory in...

Ruine Rossel (Foto:  (c) Rüdesheim Tourist AG - Karlheinz Walter, Quelle: Rüdesheim Tourist AG)

Ruine Rossel | Rüdesheim

The Rossel Ruin in the landscape park of Niederwald near Rüdesheim represents the only artificially constructed castle ruin. Count Johann...

Stumpfer Turm (Foto: Tourist-Information Morbach, Quelle: Tourist-Information Morbach)

Stumpfer Turm (Wederath/Hinzerath) | Morbach-Wederath

Medieval round tower, which served as a watch and signal tower for the Baldenau castle in sight

Wolfsburg (Foto: Rolf Schädler, Quelle: Tourist, Kongress- und Saalbau GmbH)

Wolfsburg | Neustadt/Weinstrasse

Burgruine Wolfsburg, Neustadt an der Weinstraße: First mentioned in 1255, this castle was the guardian of the valley road through the forests...

Burgberg (Quelle: GesundLand Vulkaneifel GmbH)

Dauner Burg | Daun

The castle has been destroyed many times, most recently in the Palatinate War of Succession in 1689 by French troops of Louis XIV, like most Eifel...

Marienburg (Foto: Christian Thomas, Quelle: Zeller Land Tourismus GmbH)

Marienburg | Zell

Marienburg ( Marienburg castle)

The Marienburg is located high above on the mountain ridge at which the Mosel bight of the Zell Hamm...

Burg Grimburg (Foto: Eike Dubois, Quelle: Tourist-Information Hermeskeil)

Burg Grimburg | Grimburg

Grimburg Castle was built around 1190 by the Archbishops of Trier to serve as a regional castle and was the seat of office for nearly 40 Hochwald...

© TI Traben-Trarbach (Foto: Blickfang Werbung, Quelle: Tourist-Information Traben-Trarbach)

Bridgeportal | Traben-Trarbach

A building, worth seeing, built by Bruno Möhring in Art Noveau style. It was finished together with the bridge in 1899. It is the charakteristic...

Maria Rosenberg (Foto: Touristikbüro Holzland / Sickinger Höhe, Quelle: Zentrum Pfälzerwald Touristik)

Pilgrimage site Maria Rosenberg | Waldfischbach-Burgalben

Centre of spiritual life, education, fellowship. Guided tours possible by appointment.

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Romantic Germany Koblenz is another Romantic City of Germany. Did you know that the Deutsches Eck you can see on the picture below is not the original version? Read more on Fotoeins fotografie.
Koblenz: 1st and 2nd Deutsches Eck (German Corner) In Koblenz where the Mosel and Rhine rivers converge, there are two versions of the Deutsches Eck (German Corner).
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