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Aachener Dom | Aachen

The Aachen Cathedral is one of the most famous examples of occidental architecture. It is the coronation church of more than 30 German kings,...

Townscapes and village scenery | Schweich

Townscapes and village scenery

A historical ferry tower in Schweich, the Niederprümer Hof cultural centre with a permanent exhibition about...

Römerkastell | Alzey

As a result of border safety measures over part of the desolate abandoned "vicus" (settlement) Kaiser Valentinian I. had a late antik...

Juliusplatz mit St. Marienkirche | Neustadt/Weinstrasse

Juliusplatz with St. Marien – Neustadt from its most attractive side: The neo-Gothic church steeple of the Parish Church St. Marien towers over...

Schloss Sayn | Bendorf

Sayn Castle was first of all merely a castellan’s house: in the second half of the 15th century, the barons of Reiffenberg had built it underneath...

"Elisenhäuschen" in den Weinbergen | Mülheim an der Mosel

Elisenberg vineyard hut is located south-east of Mülheim town centre directly on country road 158. It is a one-and-a-half-storey hip roofed...

Doppelkreuz / Kapuzinerkreuz | Bernkastel-Kues

The religious cultural heritage of the Moselle also comprises burial crosses and wayside crosses of profound artistic quality.

Kronenburg | Dahlem

The castle ruin and fortified settlement of Kronenburg

Kronenburg Castle was one of the characteristic medieval hill-castles of...

Ehrenburg | Brodenbach

For centuries Ehrenburg Castle has perched atop a sheer, rocky crag rising above the wild, romantic forests of the Hunsrück hills close to the...

former synagogue of Zell | Zell

Synagogue Zell (Mosel)

In 1849 the Chief Executive at that time, Alexander Moritz, sold the upper floors of the domestic house belonging to...

Genovevahöhle | Kordel

The Genovevahöhle ( cave) is located south of Kordel in the beautiful Kyll Valley.

Schloss Neuwied | Neuwied

That the Rhine represents a thoroughly lucrative income source as an important traffic route and a major economic axis was also clear to Count...

LVR-Freilichtmuseum Kommern | Mechernich

Do you still remember the smell and taste of the bread which was baked in a wood-fired oven? Or do you still know how the blacksmith worked in his...

Hohe Acht and Kaiser-Wilhelm-Turm | Kaltenborn

The Emperor-William-Tower was erected on the mountain Hohe Acht, at an altitude of 747 metres.

Schloss Philippsburg | Braubach

Philippsburg Castle, which was derelict in the 18th century and had undergone major change through the refurbishment measures carried out from...

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