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Cycling through the Eifel and along the Moselle

A scenic, leisurely tour through the Eifel along the Kyll, Moselle and Saar rivers, ending in Trier in south-west Rhineland-Palatinate. Beginning in the reservoirs of the northern Eifel, the route follows a series of loops and meanders through the volcanic Eifel, before it reaches the orchards and rugged rock formations typical of the southern Eifel. The Moselle, flanked on either side by a range of hills, takes you all the way to the oldest town in Germany, Trier. Last but not least is a circular tour of the Upper Moselle, Saar Canal and River Saar to round off a stunning few days with the emphasis on unspoilt nature.

Prices - per person in a double room

  • 6 days / 5 nights: from 418.00 Euros
  • 5 days / 4 nights: from 349.00 Euros

Additional night at Trier
Basic price p.p. in a double room:    49.00 Euros
Supplement p.p. for a single room:  20.00 Eur


Tour includes

  • Accommodation in selected three-star hotels
  • Breakfast buffet or large continental breakfast
  • Luggage transfers
  • Well-thought out route
  • Detailed travel documents, route description, sights and attractions, restaurant recommendations
  • Signposted routes

Detailed information about Cycling through the Eifel and along the Moselle

This variety-filled tour has been put together by one of our partners,, a leading tour operator for cycling and mountain biking holidays all over Europe.

History at every turn
Castles and historical houses perch high above the river, while the pretty villages below, many of which have preserved their medieval character, make excellent places to set down your bike. No less captivating are the caves that were inhabited in the Stone Age and the numerous Roman monuments. The latter are especially prevalent in Trier, exemplified by the amphitheatre, Porta Nigra gate, thermals baths and Roman bridge.

Wayside spots to enjoy regional cuisine
The list of places visited by the route reads like a typical German drinks' menu: Gerolstein, famous for its mineral water, is followed by the brewery town of Bitburg. After that comes one of Germany's best and most beautiful wine regions, the Moselle, whose hugely popular wines include the riesling, müller-thurgau and elbling. Dotted around the area are a wide choice of taverns where you can savour these wines in the places where they were made. There really is nothing quite like it.

Route characteristics
Overall, the tour is extremely easy to cycle and well suited to families. It runs on dedicated cycle paths from start to finish, most of which have an asphalt surface. The section along the Kyll Cycle Route follows the course of the River Kyll. The ascent up Kyllburg hill (110 metres climb) can be travelled by train. On the first full day, there is a long uphill section from Prüm to Stadtkyll.

Parking in Gerolstein
Hotel car park/partly must be reserved in advance depending on Hotel free or 5 € per day/payably locally

Train services
regional services to Gerolstein, Trier train station (InterCity services)

Return transfers between Trier & Gerolstein
Trains between Trier & Gerolstein depart every 30-60 mins., journey time approx. 1.15 to 1.45 hours


6-day-tour: 6 days / 5 nights - approx. 205 km

Day 1: Gerolstein (day of arrival)
The Gerolstein Dolomites are a series of limestone cliffs that dominate the landscape. Stone Age caves, Roman temples and medieval castles bear witness to the history of settlement in Gerolstein, which despite its small size, is a household name in Germany thanks to its popular mineral water.

Day 2: Gerolstein - Eifel - Gerolstein (approx. 60km/circular tour)
Passing fish ponds and the caves at Rother Kopf hill, you cycle along picturesque little rivers to Prüm, home to St. Saviour's Basilica. Next is the climatic health resort of Stadtkyll near the shores of Lake Kronenburg. It's then a trip along the River Kyll to the watermills in Birgel, after which you can take a detour to medieval Hillesheim or head straight back to Gerolstein.

Day 3: Gerolstein - Bitburg (approx. 50km)
The River Kyll paints exquisite loops in the countryside as it meanders through the Volcanic Eifel. Bertrada Castle in Mürlenbach and the Abbey of St. Thomas are highlights along the way. The town of Kyllburg, home to a collegiate church and Malberg Castle, is built on a promontory surrounded on three sides by the river. Last stop is the brewery town of Bitburg.

Day 4: Bitburg - Trier (approx. 50 km)
Although castles are one of the main features of the Kyll valley, there is plenty more to keep you entertained, including Eifel Park, the pottery town of Speicher, a Roman mine (that produced the stone for the Porta Nigra in Trier) and medieval Pfalzel. The Kyll then joins the Moselle, which you follow to the oldest town in Germany, Trier, with its picturesque character, rich Roman heritage and medieval charm.

Day 5: Trier - Saarburg - Trier (approx. 45 km)
Proceeding along the broad Upper Moselle, you arrive in Konz where the river converges with the Saar. Here you will find Karthaus Abbey, one of the stops on the Rhineland section of St James' Pilgrimage Way. Next is a stretch along the Saar canal to medieval Saarburg with its town-centre waterfall, before the spectacular bows in the River Saar guide you back to Trier.

Day 6: Trier (day of departure)

Tour 5 days / 4 nights: approx. 160 km
Day 1: Gerolstein (individual arrival)
Day 2: Gerolstein - circular tour through the Eifel (approx. 60 km)
Day 3: Gerolstein - Bitburg (approx. 50 km)
Day 4: Bitburg - Trier (approx. 50 km)
Day 5: Trier (individual departure)


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