Rhine in Flames

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Welcome to the enchanted world of firelight! On five magic summer nights an ever-changing kaleidoscope of lights erupts above the river and shimmering cascades of colour plunge into the romantic Rhine Valley. Come and enjoy the spectacle of a countryside illuminated in the radiance of the "Rhine in Flames". On five occasions between May and September the river valley basks in thousands of red Bengal lights and magnificent hilltop firework displays.

At this event, Europe's biggest river boat parade makes the trip from Spay to Koblenz. More than 60 river boats glide down the river past romantic Rhine villages, fortresses and castles. Both sides of the river are lit up by Bengal torches, as are the fortresses and many villages. The river pageant is accompanied by fireworks before the unique huge fireworks display is set off, bathing the Ehrenbreitstein Fortress and the Deutsches Eck in Koblenz in magical light.

Rhine in Flames at the Romantic Rhine

Five magic summer nights

What's more, the major international "Rhine in Flames" events begin each year in May with the "Rhine in Flames" event between Linz and Bonn. In the World Heritage Site of the Upper Middle Rhine Valley, "Rhine in Flames" starts in July in Bingen and Rüdesheim. This is followed in August by "Rhine in Flames" between Spay and Koblenz, the oldest of all the events. In September there are two such events, first in Oberwesel and then at the Loreley in the sister towns of St. Goar/St. Goarshausen.

Each event has a unique character of its own with illuminated fleets of river boats, picturesque 'burning' fortresses and amazing fireworks displays which light up the night sky and are reflected in the waters of the Rhine, accompanied by the thunder of firecrackers, whose echoes rebound off the hillsides. The fireworks displays attract hundreds of thousands of visitors every year, many of whom return year after year to enjoy the magic.

Fireworks above Ehrenbreitstein fortress at "Rhine in Flames" in Koblenz, Romantic Rhine

Fireworks above Ehrenbreitstein fortress at "Rhine in Flames" in Koblenz, Romantic Rhine

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