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Joy of life in Romantic Germany

In Rhineland-Palatinate people love to celebrate. And as a guest you are most welcome to celebrate with us! Meet the locals at one of the famous wine festivals, at atmospheric Christmas markets, at medieval events or at one of the many other occasions . 

The wine festivals in the regions around Rhine and Moselle are a pure pleasure. Streets, lanes and squares are decorated, garlands of leaves and coloured ribbons bedeck the wine stallsThe air is full of music and the scent of wine. The Christmas markets are world famous and are among the most authentic ones in Germany. Get that cosy Christmas mood at one of the many historic town squares with half-timbered houses and hundreds of lights, while tasting a cup of the body and soul warming Glühwein. Another highlight is definitely ‘Rhine in Flames’ where you can experience the beautiful middle Rhine valley being lit up by dozens of fireworks along the shores of the Rhine. Or maybe you would like to dive into ancient times at one of our many historical festivals? Find your personal festival here.  

Rhine in Flames

Five magic summer nights

Rhine in Flames - this has been an absolute highlight on the Romantic Rhine for more than 60 years. On five dates between May and September, towns, castles and the riverbanks along the Rhine, shine in lights and high-altitude fireworks thrill spectators on land and on ships. A unique experience to see this scenery in the light of colourful fireworks!

Fireworks at Rhine in Flames in Oberwesel, Romantic Rhine

Fireworks at Rhine in Flames in Oberwesel, Romantic Rhine

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Wine festivals

The wine festivals in romantic Germany are a pure pleasure, as diverse as the grapes that are grown and pressed here.
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