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Ahr valley

Holidays in the Ahr valley, Germany's red wine paradise

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Ahrtal-Tourismus Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler e. V.
Oberstraße 8
53474 Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler

Tel. +49 (0) 2641 9171-0
Fax +49 (0) 2641/9171-51

  • AhrSteig trail: Feltenturm
    AhrSteig trail: Feltenturm, Sinzig
  • View over the Ahr valley
    View over the Ahr valley
  • AhrSteig trail: Kalvarienberg abbey, Ahrweiler nähe des Kloster Kalvarenberg
    AhrSteig trail: Kalvarienberg abbey, Ahrweiler
  • Hiking the Rotweinwanderweg trail
    Hiking the Rotweinwanderweg trail
  • AhrSteig trail near Löhndorf
    AhrSteig trail near Löhndorf

Hiking in the Ahr valley

The high-calibre hiking trail in the north of Rhineland-Palatinate, known as Ahrsteig, crosses the Ahr valley - also known as Germany‘s ‘Red Wine Dorado‘ - and the neighbouring Eifel region. Discover picturesque villages, rural meadow paths, some rock trails, breathtaking mountain plateaus, and working vineyards on beautiful hikes along the Ahrsteig Trail. The Ahrsteig Trail is characterised by impressive panoramic views of the romantic Ahr valley, far into the Eifel region, and beyond the plains of the Rhine River all the way to Cologne and its magnificent cathedral. The Ahrsteig Trail measures around 110 kilometres in total. 

A portrait of the AhrSteig Trail

The Ahr is a picturesque tributary of the majestic Rhine River, and the AhrSteig Trail fittingly begins or rather ends - whichever way you may look at it - in Sinzig, a town on the Rhine River. The entire route of the AhrSteig Trail, across the Ahr hills, romantic side valleys, steeply rising vineyards, and along the banks of the river, can be completed in seven half- and full-day hikes. The Ahr Valley Railway offers excellent traffic connections at many of the start and end points of the trail legs. And what could be more gratifying than to think back on the challenges mastered on the day‘s hike with a glass of red wine in hand!

The route, which has been planned in accordance with the strict guidelines for a top-quality hiking trail bearing the seal ‘Wanderbares Deutschland‘, consists of two partial routes, which are interconnected via four connecting trails. The overall distance of the trail is around 110 kilometres.

The AhrSteig Trail logo, sprayed onto tree trunks in either red or blue, with the next one always visible ahead, guides hikers safely across the Ahr valley. Along the trail, comfortable seats have been installed, where hikers can enjoy a short rest.

For further information about the stages please visit the following webpage "Hiking on the AhrSteig trail".

Rotweinwanderweg Trail

The picturesque Rotweinwanderweg - Red Wine Trail is perfect for long walks through the heart of the vineyards. It runs for 35km between Altenahr and Bad Bodendorf, offering fantastic views and amazing insights into the work of a wine grower along the way. There are plenty of delightful places to stop for refreshments and paths down to the wine villages in the valley.

Short tours in the Ahr valley

Enjoy full-day walks in the Ahr valley on the Ahrsteig and its connecting trails. These include a section of the Red Wine Trail and the Ahrsteig Trail.

The hiking tour planner provides you with all the necessary information.