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Holidays in the Eifel region: From pure nature to the Nürburgring race track

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Eifel Tourismus GmbH
Kalvarienbergstraße 1
54595 Prüm

Tel. +49 (0) 65 51/96 56 0

  • Kyll Cycle Route
    Kyll Cycle Route
  • Sportive cycling close to the Nürburgring
    Sportive cycling close to the Nürburgring
  • Sauer Cycle Route near Echternach
    Sauer Cycle Route near Echternach
  • Prümtal Cycle Route
    Prümtal Cycle Route
  • taking a break on the Kyll- Radweg cycle trail
    taking a break on the Kyll- Radweg cycle trail

Cycling in the Eifel region

The Eifel region has an extensive network of cycle paths, meeting the needs of leisure cyclists as well as those looking for an athletic challenge. If you'd prefer a more leisurely pace, you can ride along the valleys of the Kyll, Prüm or Sauer rivers. Families in particular will love the cycle tours on the disused railway lines, crossing high viaducts and even passing through lit tunnels. Cyclists looking for more of a sporting challenge might like the tough pedal up onto the high Eifel plateaus. However, if that's too demanding, you can always switch over to electric bikes.

Kyll Cycle Route

The Kyll Cycle Route follows the lovely Kyll river as it winds its picturesque way through the upland scenery of the Eifel region. There are few ascents to negotiate as the route mostly stays close to the river where it's flat.
The lakes and reservoirs of the northern Eifel give way to the Volcanic Eifel, shaped by elemental forces in prehistoric times, as the Kyll flows through a varied landscape of hills and meadows, past cliffs and wooded volcanic peaks. Bitburg is the home of the famous Bitburg beer. Fancy a visit to the brewery?

On holiday, it's alright to be a bit lazy sometimes, so why not switch to the Kyll Valley Railway for part of the way? The Kyll Cycle Route ends in Trier, Germany's oldest town, where the Kyll flows into the Moselle. Time to explore the many traces of Trier's Roman history or perhaps for a ride along the Moselle Cycle Route.

Follow this link to learn more about the Kyll Cycle Route.

Maare-Moselle Cycle Route

A cycling holiday on the Maare-Moselle Cycle Route is heaven on wheels for all the family, and a real adventure too. The route follows a disused railway line linking the Moselle riverside region with the hills of the Eifel, both of which are in the far west of Germany close to the borders with Belgium and Luxembourg. The cycle trail connects two regions of entirely different scenery, and this is what makes the tour so fascinating. The lovely riverside scenery along the Moselle is dominated by the bends and loops in the river, precipitous vineyards and pretty wine-making villages, often overshadowed by a castle. As you ride up into the hilly Eifel region you are surrounded by a landscape shaped by volcanic activity. Around 200 volcanic cones, crater lakes and countless mineral-water springs still remind today's visitors of the exciting, fiery origins of the Volcanic Eifel. Because the Maare-Moselle Cycle Route is almost all flat, it is ideal for leisure cyclists or families with children.

Kyll Cycle Route: Cycle tour through the Eifel to Trier

Kyll Cycle Route: Cycle tour through the Eifel to Trier

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