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Holidays in the Eifel region: From pure nature to the Nürburgring race track

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Eifel Tourismus GmbH
Kalvarienbergstraße 1
54595 Prüm

Tel. +49 (0) 65 51/96 56 0

  • Hiking the Eifelsteig
    Hiking the Eifelsteig
  • Eifelsteig trail: Kronenburger See lake
    Eifelsteig trail: Kronenburger See lake
  • Eifelsteig trail near Steineberg
    Eifelsteig trail near Steineberg
  • Hiking the Eifelsteig trail: Nerother Kopf
    Hiking the Eifelsteig trail: Nerother Kopf
  • Hiking in the Eifel: Traumpfad Monrealer Ritterschlag
    Hiking in the Eifel: Traumpfad Monrealer Ritterschlag

Hiking in the Eifel

There are 313 richly varied kilometres to explore on the Eifelsteig. Where the landscape changes all the time and sensational views follow one after another. "Just you, the water and the rocks" is the slogan for the trail and perfectly captures the Eifelsteig experience. The further you venture, the more you see. It begins with flat countryside in the north near Aachen, heads across the Hohe Venn moorlands and into secluded Rurtal valley passing vast reservoirs on its way. Then comes the volcanic region and the southern Eifel before the sandstone cliffs above the Moselle mark the Eifelsteig's end at Trier, Germany's oldest city.

A portrait of the Eifelsteig Trail

The Eifelsteig begins in the north of the Eifel region, where the mountains are merely hills that tail off into the lowlands. We follow tiny little rivers to their sources in the Hohes Venn, an area of highland moors and reservoirs.The banks of the Rur river are lined with towering rock faces that lead on to the old clothmaking town of Monschau, which is overlooked by its castle. A fairytale destination where row upon row of slate-fronted, timber-framed houses stand cheek by jowl at awkward angles.

Further along, you come to the harsher climes of the western Eifel hills with the hedgerows typical of the region. We continue through the Eifel national park with all its twists and turns, rocky ravines and mixed woodlands as far as the dam of the Urfttal reservoir. Castles and abbeys and beautiful old towns and villages can be visited along the way. Several rivers and valleys are crossed, for example the small Lampert Valley with its rich diversity of orchids and butterflies.

Across endless hills with innumerable lava pits and quarries we at last approach Dreimühlen waterfall, a true gem in the secluded Ahrbach valley. This waterfall is very unusual. It originates from limestone deposits, and the presence of calciferous water and special types of moss, together with diatoms, mean that it is growing continuously.

Passing through Kerpen with its impressive castle we reach Hillesheim. Its large market square under plane trees, its town wall complete with towers and its Patrician townhouses make this little town particularly attractive. Hillesheim is known to geologists throughout the world for its fossils. An enchanting little valley takes us to the meadows on the plain of the river Kyll. From Rother Kopf hill with its caves and lava pints you can look forward to a striking region of extinct volcanoes and ancient coral reefs near Gerolstein. 

Daun is the heart of the Volcanic Eifel with its crater lakes or maars and swathes of yellow gorse known as "Eifel gold". Skirting the maars, the trail descends into the Lieser valley and continues to Manderscheid where two impressive castle ruins rise from the valley.
The Eifelsteig then passes Himmerod Abbey, Ramstein Castle and Genoveva Caveon its way to Trier, Germany's oldest town, situated in the Moselle valley.

Follow this link to learn more about the Eifelsteig Trail.

Stages of the Eifelsteig Trail

The Eifelsteig Trail takes you on a journey of 313 kilometres between Aachen/Kornelimünster and Trier. It consists of 15 stages between 14 and 29 kilometres.

For further information about the stages please visit the following webpage "Hiking on the Eifelsteig trail".

Short and circular tours in the Eifel

Several short and circular trails make the Eifel hiking region even more attractive. From the "Traumpfade" in the Rhine-Moselle-Eifel region to the "delux-hikes" in the region where the Eifel meets Luxembourg and Belgium.

The hiking tour planner provides you with all necessary information about hiking tours in the Eifel.

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Hiking tour: Eifelsteig - Volcanoes - Regional
Eifel Tourismus GmbH

Spend the day hiking the Eifelsteig trail and enjoy dishes made using regional products in the evening. All this is included in the “Eifelsteig - olcanoes - Regional” package