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The Hunsrück: Perfect for a hiking holiday in Germany and much more

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  • Cycling through Kastellaun
    Cycling through Kastellaun
  • Mountain-biking near Kell am See
    Mountain-biking near Kell am See
  • Mountain-biking near Kell am See
    Mountain-biking near Kell am See(Teufelskopf)
  • Cycle tour: Kell am See
    Cycle tour: Kell am See
  • Cycle tour near Lindenschied
    Cycle tour near Lindenschied

Cycling in the Hunsrück

The two cycle routes along disused railway lines in the Hunsrück are perfect for families – the Schinderhannes Cycle Route and the Ruwer-Hochwald Cycle Route: the lines where steam engines once snorted along are today flat cycle routes away from busy roads. A little more effort is required on the Hunsrück Cycle Route. Tip: Hire an electric bike if you'd prefer a more leisurely day out!

Schinderhannes Cycle Route

The former haunts of the legendary outlaw Schinderhannes now provide the perfect setting for a tour of discovery on two wheels. The Schinderhannes Cycle Route is a very special panoramic cycle trail running along the disused track of the Hunsrück railway. Away from the roads, this gentle cycle route takes in the loveliest of the Hunsrück hills, offering striking views along the way.
The 38km trail between Emmelshausen and Simmern offers sports enthusiasts and families alike the chance to relax and enjoy the wide, green expanses of the Hunsrück landscape. Peace and tranquillity are guaranteed. The small historical town of Kastellaun makes an ideal place for a break. Its beautiful half-timbered buildings, castle ruin, the new House of Regional History and the historical old town are all well worth a visit, and there are many restaurants and cafés to choose from. How about refuelling with a typical Hunsrück potato dish?

Click here to get more information about the Schinderhannes cycle route.

Hunsrück Cycle Route

Cycling from east to west through the Hunsrück? The Hunsrück Cycle Route makes it possible! It starts on the River Saar before climbing up into the lofty Hunsrück hills. Interesting sights on the way include the wealth of museums in Hermeskeil, the view from the Erbeskopf looking over to the Hunsrückhaus nature and environmental centre, Simmern with the Schinderhannes Tower and Hunsrück Museum and, once you have reached your destination, the small wine-growing village of Bacharach on the Rhine. Anyone who finds the 155 kilometres over the Hunsrück on a "normal bike" too strenuous, could simply swap over to an electric bike.

Schinderhannes Cycle Route

Schinderhannes Cycle Route

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