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Barefoot path | Thalfang

The 1,6 km long barefoot and adventurous path (round-trip each 800 m) through the Morschteler-river valley leads through meadow trails, about a variety of floor coverings, through water, mud and over various balancing equipment.

The start is located opposite the Erholungs- und Gesundheitszentrum, close to the Kurpark (spa gardens).

The path leads to the footh baths below the holiday resort Himmelberg and ends at the starting point, where facilities are provided to wash feet.

You can reach us at:

Barfußpfad Thalfang
Saarstrasse 10
54424 Thalfang



Barfußpfad Thalfang (Foto: Daniel Thiel, Quelle: Tourist-Information Thalfang) Wassertretbecken (Foto: Burkhard Graul, Quelle: Tourist-Information Thalfang)
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