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German telephone museum | Morbach

The German Telephone Museum houses the history of telephony and telegraphy from the beginning of electrical communication to the present.

It was even been recorded in the Guiness Book of Records as a comprehensive collection of its type.

As the devices of the respective eras are connected to each other through contemporary functional switching eguipment, it is quite easy to spend an afternoon here just making phone calls.

Numerous photos and a film allow the various telephone eras to be brought back to life and arouse awareness of just how much the telephone has changed our lives.

An exhibition of historical stagecoach models complements the exihibiton of the arduous times before the telephone had been invented.

You can reach us at:

Deutsches Telefon-Museum
Jugendherbergstr. 25
54497 Morbach

Phone+49 6533 958626

Telefonmuseum  (Foto: Tourist-Information Morbach , Quelle: Tourist-Information Morbach)
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