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Energielandschaft Morbach | Morbach-Wenigerath

From the bunker to the museum, how everything arose: In two former bunkers, visitors to the energy landscape Morbach will be able to find out about two exciting themes of contemporary history. With their special atmosphere, the two bunkers provide a direct link between the history of the terrain and the current use as a park for renewable energies. As the largest ammunition camp of the US Air Force in Europe, the terrain was once an important building block of the Cold War. Bunker "Kalter Kreig" The gloomy atmosphere in the "Cold War" bunker brings the visitors back to this era. In the dark bunker you will discover historical pictures and sound documents of the Cold War. The exhibition also shows the history of the energy landscape as ammunition camp until 1995. Bunker "Climate Change" In the "Climate Change" bunker, the effects of climate change are presented visually and acoustically. As a visitor, you will learn about the dangers involved in the use of fossil and nuclear energy sources. The formation of fossil fuels such as coal or oil takes several million years. In the energy starvation of our time, this means that sooner or later the end of fossil energy sources has come. The use of regenerative energies does not exhaust their sources. In half an hour, the sun sends as much energy to the earth as people consume throughout the year. This energy is available not only through photovoltaics and solar thermal energy, but also indirectly through wind power plants and the use of plants. With the economical, environmentally friendly and sustainable use of wind, sun and biomass, there is a way out of the energy crisis and climate change. Energy landscape Morbach - a unique concept: The energy landscape Morbach not only provides environmentally friendly and Co2-neutral energy. Tourism and information on sustainable energy are also part of the concept. In the information center, topics related to renewable energies and energy saving are presented in a multimedial manner. Guided tours are organized every year by the municipal administration staff and certified tour guides. Since 2002, wind power and photovoltaic plants have been erected, operated and expanded by the company Juwi in the energy landscape Morbach. In 2006, a biogas plant went online, with the waste heat of which since 2007 wood chips have been dried for a largely Co2-neutral pellet production. The total output of the Morbach power plant is around 30.7 MW with an annual profit of about 50 million kWh of energy. The plants for regenerative energy generation already produce much more electricity than is required by the 11,000 inhabitants of the non-governing municipality of Morbach

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Energielandschaft Morbach (Foto: Tourist-Information Morbach, Quelle: Tourist-Information Morbach)
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