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The Hunsrück: Perfect for a hiking holiday in Germany and much more

Hunsrück-Touristik GmbH
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55483 Hahn-Flughafen

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Big game protection park | Rheinboellen

Hochwildschutzpark Hunsrück (BIG GAME PROTECTION PARK)


alle year from 9 am to 7 om. The park closes from April to August at 8 pm.

Catering at the playground.

Feed for the animals, barbecue area free of charge.

Parking free of charge. (also for busses, directly at entrance)

Guided tours uopn prior arrangement.

Well raised dogs are welcome (please put a leash on the dog)

Great playground.


From Autobahn 61 - Exit Rheinböllen




Adults 8,50 €

Teenater (14-17 years) 5,50 €

Children (from 4 years) 4 €


Groups from

15 people

Adults 7,00 €

Children / Teenagers 3,50 €


Groups from

50 people

Adults 6,50 €

Children / Teenager 3 €


Groups from

100 people

Adults 6,00 €

Children / Teenagers 2,50 €


You can also buy different feeds.


The gastronomy is looking forward to your visit. We can also arrange indiviual offers!

You can reach us at:

55494 Rheinböllen

Phone+49 6764 1205

hours of operation

Open all year from 9 am to 7 pm.

The park closes from April to August at 8 pm. From November to March opens the park at the weekend and on feast from 9 am to nightfall and from monday to friday from 10 am to nightfall.


Bär im Hochwildschutzpark (Quelle: Hunsrueck Touristik GmbH)
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