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Mini-Soccer-Course | Kell am See


General: Mini-Soccer is played on a Mini-Soccer-Course with a small football.

Goal of the game: Goal of the game is to have achieved as many points as possible after the completion of all tracks.

Each track is finished when 5 attempts were used up by each player.

Course: Each player has 5 attempts in order to achieve as many points as possible. The ball is in the game if it is set in motion by a shot from the kickoff-point /-marking and is on the way to the final point. If the ball leaves the game field by a shot, the ball has to be set to the kickoff-point again in the next attempt.

With achievement of the goal within the attempts, the ball can be played again from the kickoff-point. So, the player has the possibility to collect further points.

Game-sequence: The tracks are to be played in the sequence 1- 10 in every round. A track can be played, if the pre-player finished his game at the track and left it.

Point: The points are different on the diverse tracks, according to their difficulty-degrees.

The highest attainable score for all tracks is 200 points.


12 Tracks, on which the skill of mini-soccer can be proved + lawn with small game field

You can reach us at:

54427 Kell am See

Phone(0049) 6589 9187630


Spielbahn (Foto: Hochwald-Ferienland e.V., Quelle: Tourist-Information Hochwald-Ferienland) Socceranlage Kell am See (Foto: Hochwald-Ferienland e.V., Quelle: Tourist-Information Hochwald-Ferienland) Soccer-Spaß (Foto: Hochwald-Ferienland e.V., Quelle: Tourist-Information Hochwald-Ferienland)
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