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Traumschleife "Wind, Wasser & Wacken" | Berglicht

With the integration of wind power plants of this premium hiking trail is unique among the total of 111 Traumschleifen. The trail, wich runs through the northern situated Thalfang Haardtwald, combines the themes of trails Hunsrücker wind run bottled water adventure path. 12 information and interactive stations the elements of air, water and earth are brought to the traveling guest descriptive and informative detail. Off-road trails hikers can enjoy in addition to the natural monuments "Berger Wacken" and the "Haardtwald source" the unique landscape.

The trail is suitable for families, altough not suitable for pushcairs. Greater gradients are the exception.

You can reach us at:

Traumschleife "Wind, Wasser & Wacken"
54426 Berglicht



Aussicht (Foto: Daniel Thiel, Quelle: Tourist-Information Thalfang)
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