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Lahn valley

Holidays in the Lahn valley: Nature and culture on the way to the Rhine

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  • Canoeing on the Lahn: Runkel caslte
    Canoeing on the Lahn: Runkel caslte
  • Canoeing on the Lahn: Tunnel at Weilburg
    Canoeing on the Lahn: Tunnel at Weilburg
  • Bad Ems - the imperial spa
    Bad Ems - the imperial spa
  • Spa Bad Ems
    Spa Bad Ems
  • Lahn valley: Limburg
    Lahn valley: Limburg
  • Guided tour at Weilburg castle
    Guided tour at Weilburg castle

Travel highlights and activities in the Lahn valley

Proud castles, impressive churches, monasteries and cathedrals testify for the culture of the Lahn holiday region which is also perfect for hiking, canoeing and cycle tours as well as a spa holiday. 

Canoeing on the River Lahn

The view ahead is framed by the entrance to the tunnel. 200 metres of darkness with a light at the end of the tunnel! The Weilburg Shipping Tunnel is the last of its kind in Germany and is a unique experience in a canoe. Over its 160 "paddle-friendly" kilometres, the River Lahn is one of the most pleasant rivers to travel along in Germany, flowing lazily through wide river basins or impressively and impulsively through rushing rapids. A large number of canoe hire centres along the entire Lahn Valley have canoes for hire by individual travellers, families or group tours. Special highlights, like an overnight stay in a teepee, help to create an unforgettable outdoor experience on and around the River Lahn.

Bad Ems - the imperial spa

Bad Ems is not only one of Europe's oldest and most famous spas but is also situated in one of the most attractive tourist regions in Germany, the picturesque Lahn valley.

The town attracts visitors from Germany and abroad, who come to enjoy the outstanding health and wellness facilities and outdoor activities. Specialist spa clinics and one of Europe's leading Ayurveda clinics provide a wide range of treatments. Since 2012 Bad Ems has also been home to one of the most modern and attractive thermal spas in Germany.

For those who like to be active on holiday there are plenty of sports activities, including watersports, walking (for example on the popular Lahnwanderweg), cycling, mountain biking and golf.

Bad Ems is also famous for Germany's biggest flower parade, held in late August, which attracts tens of thousands of visitors every year. 

Castles on the River Lahn

Palaces, castles and ruins are testimony to the turbulent history on the River Lahn itself and along its tributaries. Some, like Greifenstein Castle, with the German Bell Museum displaying over 80 bells from nine centuries, are open to the public.

Weilburg Castle is perched high above the River Lahn in Weilburg. Lovers of culture are in for a real treat especially during the Weilburg Castle Concerts series.

The history of the Dutch royal family is documented in the Nassau-Oranien Museum in Oranienstein Castle in Diez. Visitors can also go on guided tours of the Blue and Gold Room, the Castle Chapel or the Lustgarten.

Enjoy a magnificent view of the confluence of the River Lahn and the Rhine at Lahnstein from Lahneck Castle. The romantic candlelit guided tours and the open-air plays, held every week in August and September, are a special highlight.

Towns on the River Lahn

Half-timbered houses, castles and palaces as well as imposing churches and cathedrals characterise the towns and villages along the Lahn Valley. Weilburg Castle stands impressively on a high spur above the town and river. It is well worth taking several hours to visit the castle and its church, the baroque castle garden and the orangery. Other attractions in Weilburg include the picturesque historic Old Town centre with its half-timbered houses, which visitors can discover by lantern light on a guided tour during Advent.

The Cathedral of St. George, visible from afar, is the hallmark of Limburg: a veritable masterpiece of late-Romantic Rhine architecture. Beautifully restored half-timbered houses with cafés and shops are just some of the attractions in Limburg's Old Town.

Marburg has been a university city since 1527 and accordingly provides a youthful, international atmosphere. The Brothers Grimm, the authors of the well-known Grimm's fairy tales, studied law here. Marburg is also known as the "Staircase Town", as the Upper Town and Lower Town are connected by steps, some of which lead through narrow winding alleys, as well as two lifts.

View over the city of Nassau:

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