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Grand State Exhibition: Karl Marx 1818-1883. LEBEN. WERK. ZEIT | Trier, Stadt Trier

His works, “The Communist Manifesto” and Capital, have been on the UNESCO Memory of the World list since 2013.

Thus the significance of Karl Marx as a political thinker is undisputed. Nevertheless, public perception of his person is frequently

distorted, even though the political instrumentalisation of his life and work continues to have an effect in the 20th century.

On the occasion of the 200th anniversary of the birth of the world-famous philosopher Karl Marx, born in Trier, the state of

Rhineland Palatinate and the City of Trier plan an extensive anniversary program for May 5, 2018. The focus will be on a large

state exhibition at two locations: the Trier Rheinische Landesmuseum and the Trier Municipal Museum Simeonstift.

The Friedrich Ebert Foundation as the underwriter of the Karl Marx House and the Trier Diocese represented by the Cathedral

Museum as cooperation partner will support the anniversary with two additional exhibition projects. The exhibitions will be

accompanied by a comprehensive program with contributions on the life and work of Karl Marx from the domains of art and

cultural as well as from political education.


Trier Rheinische Landesmuseum

In an area covering over 10,700 ft²/1,000 m², the Trier Rheinische Landesmuseum will present a new image of Karl Marx and

his works freed of the ideological appropriation in the 20th century, embedded in the history of the 19th century as the age of

revolutionary change in all segments of life.


Municipal Museum Simeonstift

Covering an area of about 5,400 ft²/500 m², the Municipal Museum Simeonstift will look at the private person Karl Marx

and his family based on contemporary documents and memoirs and will trace the stations of his eventful life.


Karl Marx House

The Karl Marx House is the only museum in Germany devoted to the life, work, and impact of Karl Marx. As backer of the

museum, the Friedrich Ebert Foundation wishes to take the anniversary as the occasion to conceive and supplement the

permanent exhibition. This exhibition will be presented to the public punctually on the 200th birthday of Marx.


Cathedral Museum

Some questions posed by Karl Marx concerning the relationship between labor and capital remain unanswered and are

yet still highly topical. In its exhibition "wertARBEIT: ein hohes menschliches Gut" (the value of labor: a great human asset),

the Cathedral Museum will show works by present-day artists on the topic of the world of labor and human dignity.


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