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Moselle valley

The Moselle valley: Holidays in one of Germany's most beautiful river valleys

Mosellandtouristik GmbH
Kordelweg 1
54470 Bernkastel-Kues

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Kulturverein Seitwärts-Aufwärts | Zell

Seitwärts-Aufwärts e.V. (Sideways upward e. V. ) was founded February 01st  1985 by innovative people as an Association for the promotion of Arts and culture in the life.

Why just "side up"?

"Sideways" because he is open without directions for cultural performances of all kinds; "Up" is the goal of the Association to expand the cultural offers through promotion of cultural work in the region.



Schlaadt, Stefan

Lärchenweg 3

56856 Zell - Barl

Phone +49 171 7358336



Lehmen, Andrea

Brandenburg 41

56856 Zell

Phone +49 6542 961100

You can reach us at:

"Seitwärts-Aufwärts" eV
Lärchenweg 3
56856 Zell-Barl

Phone(0049) 171 7358336

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