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Moselle valley

The Moselle valley: Holidays in one of Germany's most beautiful river valleys

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Marienkapelle | Alf

The chapel "Marienkapelle" is situated approximately 200 metres above the church "Remigius". It is visible even in the middle of the vineyard. It originates from the very last years of the Thirty Years' War. Therefore the chapel was built on the hill.

In the middle of the 18th centuary the familly Bartz changed the wooden chapel into a massive building. At the first glance the visitor perceives the carved pieta inside the altar.

In front of the chapel ,in the vineyard, there is a large cross built as a gratitude of survived epidemy which took place in former century. In memorial of the war the "Marienstatue" was put up in front of the chapel.



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Kapelle in Alf (Quelle: Zeller Land Tourismus GmbH)
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