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Moselle valley

The Moselle valley: Holidays in one of Germany's most beautiful river valleys

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Townscapes and village scenery Pünderich | Pünderich

Pünderich, an attractive wine-growing resort at the foot of the of the Marienburg is renowned dfor its many wel-preserved half-timbered houses. There is no through traffic between the village and the river, thus creating a sense of harmonic unity. The

landscape is both varied and very scenic, providing a beautiful setting for ramblers and cyclists. It is worh taking a stroll through the cobbled-stoned alleys in the centre; there is a new half-timbered building around every corner you turn and through

every passageway. There are two well-run camping sites and a new mobile-home park for those who want to go camping.

And there is a Kneipp pool for your health. Passenger and car ferries across the Moselle to Marienburg, wine cellars with wine tasting at wineriesx or in temporary bars selling home-grown wine.

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Pünderich (Quelle: Zeller Land Tourismus GmbH)
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