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Municipal Museum Simeonstift | Trier, Stadt Trier

Adjoining the Porta Nigra is the 11th century Simeon's College (Simeonstift), residence of priests who read mass in the two churches of St. Simeon.


The building contains, among other things, a restaurant and the Municipal Musum (fee) with the Coptic, medieval, and early modern collections; some statues are exhibited in the south wing of the cloister (upper story), whose floor still rests on the original oak beam floor from 1060.


The Municipal Museum (Stadtmuseum Simeonstift Trier, fee), located in the Simeon's College next to the Porta Nigra, houses collections from Trier's medieval and early modern eras, plus several outstanding donations.


For example, the Schunck Collection of paintings from the Renaissance to the twentieth century and a collection of Coptic textiles dating from the third to the ninth centuries (over 300 pieces).


This is complemented by Egyptian mummy portraits, Coptic statuettes, and antique oil lamps from the Mummenthey Collection of lamps.


As an introduction to the Steipe knights, the four stone virtues from the Market Fountain, and the Market Cross in the former canons' dormitory, there is a large model of Trier as it appeared around 1800, featuring a text plus video film detailing the city's development following the Roman era.


This development is mirrored in the exhibits as well: statues, paintings, exquisite furniture, costumes, jewelry, porcelain, household utensils.

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Stadtmuseum Simeonstift Trier

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Stadtmuseum Simeonstift (Quelle: Trier Tourismus und Marketing GmbH)
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