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Holidays at the Nahe: Where wines and gemstones sparkle

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hiking festival along the vineyards | Bad Sobernheim

Wine-trail Festival

Traditionally on the third Saturday of September we celebrate the wine-trail festival along the wine-trail from Bad Sobernheim via Nußbaum, Monzingen, Weiler until Martinstein. From Martinstein you have the opportunity to go back by train to the point from where you startet the tour.

Along the wine-trail many local wine-growers present a large variety of wine and will give you detailed information about the different types of wine and the Nahe-region.

Enjoy the beautiful sight for the Nahe-valley during your walk along the different wineyards. The wine-festival starts at 11 am in the morning and ends at 6 pm in the evening. You habe the opportunity to start and finish the tour at any place along the wine trail.


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Kur- und Touristinformation

Bahnhofstr. 4

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You can reach us at:

Kur- und Touristinformation Bad Sobernheim
Bahnhofstr. 4
55566 Bad Sobernheim

phone(0049) 06751/81-241


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