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Fahrtag Feldbahnmuseum Guldental | Guldental

"It is a driving day in the field railway museum"!

Come and experience nice hours with an Open air field railway journey over the marvellous guilder talers of heights. For the application comes historical field railway locomotives which show your strength in strong gradient in the mountain. Besides there are more than 40 diesel locomotives how to admire museum piece in the locomotive hall. For food and drinking is provided, as usual. At only five walking minutes of the locomotive hall remotely you find the bistro & restaurant "field railway depot". The aim of the bistro is to create an authentic railway ambience suitably to the field railway museum.

We would be glad if you are present again.

You can reach us at:

Feldbahnmuseum Guldental
55452 Guldental



So11:00–17:00 Uhr
Fahrtag im Feldbahnmuseum (Foto: Kirsten Mang, Quelle: Touristinformation Ferienregion Langenlonsheim)
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