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Rekonstruierte Keltensiedlung Altburg | Bundenbach

The Treverer, a Celtic tribe which controlled the Hunsrück before the Roman conquest belong to the most important forefathers(ancestry) of the today's(modern) Hunsrücker. To protect itself from Germanic raids of the Rhine on the other side, the Trverer built numerous Fliehburgen and fastened(fixed) height settlements. The farthest eastward situated(convenient) height settlement is the OLD CASTLE, about the year 170 B.C. reasonably around 50. B.C. was given up(delivered), finished at a time, in which Julius Caesar his(its) Gallic campaigns.

After the end of the last century already the first test sounding out on the area(ground) of the OLD CASTLE had been carried out, the height settlement was dug out from 1971 to 1975 and investigated extensively(comprehensively).


After the won(got) knowledge(realisations) the OLD CASTLE in the building construction in progress became part-established again as he existed(consisted) in the last prechristian century. The Rhenish land museum in Trier which led(guided) the research project as well as the reconstruction work furnished(arranged) the arrangement(enclosure), besides, as an early-historical open-air museum, possibly in the kind(way) like the prehistorical building on stilts in Unteruhldingen in Lake of Constance.

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Ortsgemeinde Bundenbach
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01st of April - 30th of October daily from clock on 10.00 - 17.00.


Keltensiedlung Altburg (Quelle: Naheland-Touristik GmbH) Feuerstelle im Keltendorf (Quelle: Naheland-Touristik GmbH) P6043574 (Quelle: Naheland-Touristik GmbH)
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