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Salinental | Bad Kreuznach

Salinental - Salt valley and Salt Walls


Salt extraction from salt springs is what gave the saline valley (Salinental) in Bad Kreuznach its name. One impressive feature of the area is its towering graduation works. These ten-metre-high wooden structures are covered on both sides with blackthorn branches, and together stretch for 1.1 kilometres. Salt water trickles down the walls of blackthorn (sloe), each droplet forming thousands more. High evaporation also releases salt into the air. As the area sprayed is over 8000 square metres, the graduation towers create a bracing microclimate similar to that at the seaside. The graduation towers were used for salt extraction until 1999, and the salt water is still used - for its health-giving qualities in the spa resorts of Bad Kreuznach and Bad Münster am Stein-Ebernburg. Salt water with a common salt content of 1.5 % and many valuable minerals springs from a depth of 500 metres. Just breathing this air is good for you: inhale the salt spray and you inhale tiny droplets deep into your bronchial tubes. These droplets are anti-inflammatory and loosen phlegm. Salt water bathing in the thermal baths improves the circulation, stimulates the metabolism and harmonises the vegetative nervous system. It is good for the skin and for the airways. Rheumatic diseases, skin problems and bronchial asthma are the main areas of application, but salt water baths are also excellent as a preventive therapy to strengthen the immune system.

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Salinental Gradierwerk (Foto: GuT Bad Kreuznach GmbH/Dominik Ketz, Quelle: Gesundheit und Tourismus für Bad Kreuznach GmbH) Salinental (Quelle: Gesundheit und Tourismus für Bad Kreuznach GmbH) Gradierwerk von oben (Foto: GuT Bad Kreuznach GmbH/Dominik Ketz, Quelle: Gesundheit und Tourismus für Bad Kreuznach GmbH)
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