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Wine Fair of the Southern Wine Road | Landau in der Pfalz

Welcome to the enjoyment! The wine fair of the Southern Wine Road offers an excellent wine and art enjoyment. Look forward to an impressive expedition through the vineyards of the Southern Wine Road accompanied by great works of art. Get into the flair of the Frank-Loebsche House and the cultural centre Altes Kaufhaus. More than 500 different wine and sparkling wine invites you to try and compare, more than 90 winemaker are looking forward to your estimation. Be surprised by the variety and the quality of the grape variety of the Southern Palatinate. Be inspired of the flavours, styles and the taste. There you will get to know that the Southern Wine Road already offers a hughe selection of modern wine and sparkling wine. Enjoy your wine journey.

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Südliche Weinstraße e.V.
An der Kreuzmühle 2
76829 Landau/Pfalz

phone(0049) 6341 940407

Weintage 1 (Quelle: Südliche Weinstrasse e.V. Büro für Tourismus Landau) Weintage 2 (Quelle: Südliche Weinstrasse e.V. Büro für Tourismus Landau)
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