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Holidays in Rheinhessen: Wine & culture in Germany's largest wine region

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  • Cycling through Rheinhessen, Zotzenheim
    Cycling through Rheinhessen, Zotzenheim
  • Cycling through Rheinhessen, Siefersheim
    Cycling through Rheinhessen, Siefersheim
  • Cycling through Rheinhessen, Flonheim
    Cycling through Rheinhessen, Flonheim
  • Cycling the Obstroute, Schwabenheim
    Cycling the Obstroute, Schwabenheim
  • Signposting at cycle routes
    Signposting at cycle routes
  • Cycling through Rheinhessen
    Cycling through Rheinhessen
  • Cycle tour with view: Nierstein/Rhine
    Cycle tour with view: Nierstein/Rhine

Cycling in Rheinhessen

Discover Rheinhessen on two wheels on well-signposted themed routes. A dense network covering more than 500 kilometres of uniformly signposted cycle paths offers routes for every age and ability. The routes climb out of the Rhine valley into the gently hilly landscape of the vineyards. Panoramic views characterise Rheinhessen's cycling routes – across the waving sea of vines to the blue ribbon of the majestically flowing Rhine. If you opt to stay at a vineyard, you will enjoy the hospitality of Rheinhessen wine-growers and will head out the next morning fortified by the best regional produce for another day on two wheels in Rheinhessen!

Hiwwel Route: Exploring Rhinehessen from the saddle of your bike

Those who would like to learn everything there is to know about Rheinhessen, should test his metal along the around 160 kilometres long Hiwwel Route. Along most of its length, the cycle trail follows service routes far away from the busy streets, connecting the cities of Worms, Alzey, Mainz, Ingelheim and Bingen with the gently sloping landscapes of Rheinhessen. That is also where its name originates: Hiwwel - it is the Hessian word for the hills that offer spectacular views along the Hiwwel Route. These views are your reward for the many - in part quite difficult - ascents! The Hiwwel Route is divided into four almost equally long sections which, however, vary greatly in difficulty levels.
The route starts off in Bingen at the Rhine Cycle Route, and continues on for around 165 kilometres, ending in Worms, again at the Rhine Cycle Route. The Hiwwel Route crosses other themed routes in Rheinhessen at various points. That means you can shorten or change your route whenever you want.

Cycling Tour on the Selztal Cycle Route

"Bike your way through Rheinhessen" - from the source of the Selz in the Northern Palatinate mountains to its confluence with the River Rhine in Ingelheim. This 65-kilometer route takes you through Rheinhessen's hilly countryside, passing vineyards, meadows and fields. Take time out in Alzey, Ingelheim or Gau-Odernheim. The Selztal Cycle Route passes along paved or concreted tracks throughout and is well-signposted. The cycle route is mostly flat with only a few gentle climbs. From Alzey onwards, the cycle route is also perfect for cycling with small children...