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Holidays in Rheinhessen: Wine & culture in Germany's largest wine region

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  • Sunflowers near Flonheim
    Sunflowers near Flonheim
  • Vineyards at Nierstein on the Rhine
    Vineyards at Nierstein on the Rhine
  • Wine discovery path
    Wine discovery path
  • Roter Hang vineyard at Nierstein
    Roter Hang vineyard at Nierstein
  • Zotzenheim landscape
    Zotzenheim landscape

Discover nature: Gardens, herbs and hiking

In a region as fertile as Rheinhessen, the fruits of the Earth are a main focus of life. Rheinhessen is also known as the land of gardens and herbs, which can be experienced in many unique ways: There are wild herb hikes and guided tours of richly blossoming gardens. New hiking trails are planned to discover Germany's largest wine region by foot.

Beautiful gardens in Rheinhessen

Richly blossoming gardens can be found everywhere in Rheinhessen - from traditional farmer‘s gardens or English-style landscaped parks, to sensual rose gardens. In summer, the Garden & Farm Open Days offer insights into the most beautiful gardens of Rheinhessen, with an extensive support programme of wines and regional cuisine.

Discover and enjoy herbs in Rheinhessen

Fresh in summer and pickled in winter - the people of the Rheinhessen region know how to use nature's gifts in every season. They look after their gardens and take pleasure in the delicious produce from the productive soil. Wild herbs growing in fields and forests, at the side of roads and around vineyards are waiting to be discovered and used. Head out on a wild herb hike, plant a herb garden with a "herbalist" or practise preparing herb dishes. Regular herbal tours and events are held in Siefersheim and Eckelsheim and at various herb farms throughout the Rheinhessen region.

Hiking Trails and Hiking Tours in Rheinhessen

Superior themed wine and gourmet hikes are becoming increasingly popular in Rheinhessen, Germany's largest wine-growing region. Around 120 kilometres of new hiking routes are currently being created in the region, based on the quality criteria laid down by the German Hiking Association and the German Hiking Institute.

At the top of the list are the "Hiwweltouren", or "Hilly Tours", the new premium level circular hiking tours. They start with four impressive day tours of between 10 and 12 kilometres through a gentle landscape of vineyards and hills.

Sweeping expanses of vineyards with old vineyard walls and cottages, impressive areas of heathland, gnarled oak and pine forests, imposing quarries, traces of a former national border, cultural treasures and many spectacular views characterise these day hikes.

The hiking tour planner provides you with all the necessary information.