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Holidays in the romantic Middle Rhine valley: Castles, Wine and River cruises

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  • Enjoy wine high above Oberwesel
    Enjoy wine high above Oberwesel
  • Middle Rhine Riesling
    Middle Rhine Riesling
  • Picknick with wine and Marksburg view, Braubach
    Picknick with wine and Marksburg view, Braubach
  • Bopparder Hamm vineyard
    Bopparder Hamm vineyard
  • Enjoy wine at the wine-grower, Spay
    Enjoy wine at the wine-grower, Spay
  • Vineyards at Braubach, Marksburg castle
    Vineyards at Braubach, Marksburg castle
  • Rhine river cruise
    Rhine river cruise

Enjoy wine in the Middle Rhine valley

The epitome of a German wine region with castles and crags towering above the river Rhine and ancient winemaking villages and romantic little towns such as Bacharach, Linz and Oberwesel. This is the home of the Riesling grape which grows on such steeply terraced vineyards that it requires great effort from the winegrowers to pamper and harvest the grapes. The results are full-bodied, fruity wines full of character, attributes that come from the poor shale in which they are grown. Vines are grown here on 465 hectares comprising mainly hillside vineyards, slate and weathered greywacke soils, isolated islands of loess and soils of volcanic origin.

White wines of the Middle Rhine

The “queen of grapes” on the Middle Rhine where it enjoys perfect growing conditions. These late-ripening grapes produce exquisite, tangy, acidic wines with fine aromas and mineral notes. The 2007 vintage had an optimum sugar/acidity ratio of 100° Oechsle at an acidity of 9 promille.

The hilly vineyards along the Rhine allow this grape to develop a very bold, intense flavour. When served in the right glass, the wine unfolds a flowery, aromatic note of nutmeg.

Kerner is one of the mid-to-early wine varieties on the Rhine. An assertive, fruity wine with a character similar to Riesling.

Grauburgunder (pinot gris)
A bold, full-bodied, dry wine. Aromas of melon, honey and butter. It can also have smoky, spicy and mineral aromas.

Excellent dry wines that require a good position but do not mind stony ground. Aromas of blackcurrants and ripe grapefruit.

Red wines of the Middle Rhine

Spätburgunder (pinot noir)
The best-known red grape variety from the Middle Rhine: bold, full-bodied and with a velvety, fiery taste. Wine growers who harvest it late are rewarded with high Oechsle levels. 100° Oechsle in 2007 – just perfect.

Dark-red wines with body, tannin and berry aromas.

If this grape is allowed to fully ripen, it can be soft, velvety and a wonderful deep colour.

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Middle Rhine valley: Wine and World Heritage
Romantischer Rhein Tourismus GmbH

Is there a more famous valley than the Rhine? Selected World Heritage hosts invite you to discover the Middle Rhine valley and its wines. 3 nights & diverse extras...

Wine festivals in the Romantic Rhine valley

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Blüten- und Weinfest in Koblenz-Güls (Foto: Günter Barz, Quelle: Koblenz-Touristik)

| Koblenz

Loreley-Kellerei (Quelle: Loreley-Touristik e.V.)

| St. Goarshausen

Jazz Wein (Quelle: Loreley-Touristik e.V.)

| Bornich

Kaiserin Augusta Fest (Foto: PIEL Media, Quelle: Koblenz-Touristik)

| Koblenz

Empress Augusta Festival on UNESCO World Heritage Day


In honour of Empress Augusta, founder of the Koblenz Rheinanlagen, the...

Electronic Wine Koblenz  (Quelle: Koblenz-Touristik)

| Koblenz

grapes-259863_1280 (Quelle: Loreley-Touristik e.V.)

| Bornich

Rhein in Flammen (Quelle: Loreley-Touristik e.V.)

| Braubach

Kirmes (Quelle: Rhein-Nahe Touristik)

| Waldalgesheim

KSN1 (Quelle: Rhein-Nahe Touristik)

| Bacharach

Weinmarkt Oberwesel (Quelle: Tourist-Information Oberwesel)

| Oberwesel

grapes-276070_1280 (Quelle: Loreley-Touristik e.V.)

| St. Goarshausen

Weinmarkt Oberwesel (Quelle: Tourist-Information Oberwesel)

| Oberwesel

Loreley Felsen (Quelle: Loreley-Touristik e.V.)

| St. Goarshausen

Rhein in Flammen (Foto: Norbert Schmiedel, Quelle: Loreley-Touristik e.V.)
Rhein in Flammen St. Goar (Foto: Stadt St. Goar, Quelle: Tourist-Information St. Goar)

| St. Goar

The towns of St. Goar and St. Goarshausen will been staging the traditional "Rhine in Flames" on September 16th 2017 for the 69th...