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"Rhein in Flammen" Das Original - Die Nacht der Loreley | St. Goar

The towns of St. Goar and St. Goarshausen will been staging the traditional "Rhine in Flames" on September 16th 2017 for the 69th time.

At 9.00 pm the illuminations in boths towns signal the beginning of the spectacular firework display at the foot of the Loreley adn teh romantic castles Rheinfels and Katz.

Approximately 100.000 people in both towns and the surrounding rhine river slopes as well as the about 55 brightly illuminted passenger ships will be expected to the spectacle in the romantic middle rhine valley.

You can reach us at:

Tourist-Information St. Goar
Heerstr. 127
56329 St. Goar



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Rhein in Flammen St. Goar (Foto: Stadt St. Goar, Quelle: Tourist-Information St. Goar) Rhein in Flammen St. Goar Vollmond (Foto: Stadt St. Goar, Quelle: Tourist-Information St. Goar)
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