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Holidays in the romantic Middle Rhine valley: Castles, Wine and River cruises

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Mittelrheinischer Weinfrühling Boppard | Boppard

Walk and Wine in the Vineyards

Here in “Bopparder Hamm” is where it all began…the birthplace of Boppard’s wine culture, where the vineyards have such melodic names as: Mandelstein, Ohlenberg or Feuerlay. This is where the fresh new green of the vines sprouts each year when Spring returns to the Rhine. There is no place is more appropriate to sample the new, lively and aromatic wines of Boppard’s winegrowers…in combination with a walk through the vineyards, stopping at the many stands where you are invited to linger, enjoy and learn. On a distance of 5 kilometres there are rows of wine-tasting stands, together with offers of the local culinary delights. Throughout the whole length of this walk, you will be spoiled by wonderful sights, smells and tastes. Winegrowers and chefs alike await the happy wanderer.

The entrance to the vineyards is at Peternach on the B9. Parking is possible in Boppard or in Spay. There is a free bus service from 10.00 am until 7.00 pm to take you to the entrance from both Boppard and Spay.

You can reach us at:

Tourist-Information Boppard
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