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Karneval in Koblenz mit Rosenmontagsumzug | Koblenz

The Fifth Season in Koblenz begins every year, as in all Rhineland carnival strongholds, on the 11th of november at eleven o'clock eleven. The rehearsals of the dance groups, the rehearsal of the carnival speeches and the intensive carriage building usually last the whole year. The "Kowelenzer Schängelcher" prepare themselves for the carnival week from “Schwerdonnerstag” (Women's Carnival Night) to “Aschermittwoch” (Ash Wednesday) with numerous ceremonial sessions and masked balls organised by the local carnival and carnival societies.




"Kowelenz Olau!” - This battle cry echoes from every corner and alley on Carnival Monday. Every year more than 150,000 onlookers come to celebrate with the guards, carnival societies and music groups. The procession makes its 5 km way through the city centre, starting in the old town towards the railway station and back. Once again this year more than 45 cars and over 90 groups of feet will enrich the procession. Come and celebrate this Carnival Monday procession with more than 4,500 active people! With the end of the procession, the “After-Procession-Partys” with lots of music will continue in the old town of Koblenz.

Organizer: AKK Koblenz (Working group Koblenzer Karneval)

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Rosenmontagsumzug in Koblenz (Foto: Koblenz-Touristik / Frey Pressebild, Quelle: Koblenz-Touristik GmbH)
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