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Holidays in the romantic Middle Rhine valley: Castles, Wine and River cruises

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  • Marksburg, Braubach
    Marksburg, Braubach
  • Loreley rock, St. Goarshausen
    Loreley rock, St. Goarshausen
  • Ehrenbreitstein Fortress, Koblenz
    Ehrenbreitstein Fortress, Koblenz
  • Pfalzgrafenstein, Kaub
    Pfalzgrafenstein, Kaub
  • Historical town of Boppard
    Historical town of Boppard
  • Koblenz Cable Car and German Corner
    Koblenz Cable Car and German Corner
  • Rhine river cruise
    Rhine river cruise

Travel highlights and activities in the romantic Rhine valley

The Middle Rhine Valley ranks among the most impressive and valuable regions of Germany in terms of its culture and history. As well, the World Heritage Site hosts shape regional cuisine and hospitality with the same care as local vintners cultivate and nurture their vineyards.

The Lorelei rock

For some the Lorelei is a 132-metre slate cliff near St. Goarshausen in the heart of the Upper Middle Rhine Valley. For others it is a legendary, perilous stretch of the Rhine that captured the Romantic imagination. For everyone the Lorelei is amazingly beautiful and inspiring. A visitors' centre sits on top of the Lorelei hill and offers insight into the world-famous myth associated with the Lorelei valley.

Historical towns: From Rüdesheim to Braubach

The historical towns in the Middle Rhine valley have wonderfully quaint restaurants and cafés, inns selling home-produced wine, picturesque timber-framed buildings, impressive castles and town walls.

Experience Rüdesheim, one of the best-known small towns on the Rhine. It offers great walking terrain, the Rheinsteig trail for example, and fabulous, historical surroundings in which to enjoy excellent local wines. Other highlights include Ehrenfels castle ruins and a romantic cable car ride.

Rheinfels Castle above St. Goar is the largest castle ruin on the Rhine and Boppard fascinates with its Roman Fort, its beautiful Rhine promenade and the large Bopparder Hamm vineyard.

Braubach is towerd by Marksburg castle, an impressive fortress situated in majestic splendour on top of a rocky cliff. This is the only hilltop castle on the Middle Rine still in its original condition.

Koblenz Cable Car: High above the confluence of Rhine and Moselle

Koblenz Cable Car: High above the confluence of Rhine and Moselle

Enjoy spectacular views over Deutsches Eck, where the Rhine and Moselle rivers meet, and the...

River cruises on Rhine and Moselle

River cruises on Rhine and Moselle

No holiday in the Rhine and Moselle valleys is complete without a romantic river cruise.

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William Turner Route

William Turner Route

Follow in the footsteps of painter William Turner and witness his love of Rhine romanticism.

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View of the German Corner ("Deutsches Eck") in the city of Koblenz in 360°:

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Blick auf Bacharach (Foto: Victoria & Albert Museum, London / Bridgeman Image, Quelle: Rhein-Nahe Touristik)

William Turner - Standort 19 | Bacharach

Footpath at the end of Bacharach, view of BacharachIn

this watercolour sketch Turner records the main architectural contours


Burg_Linz (Foto: Friedrich Gier, Quelle: Tourist-Information Stadt Linz am Rhein)

Burg Linz | Linz am Rhein

Today, catering is provided in the interior rooms as well as the historical courtyard. A glass-blowing workshop and the torture chamber make Linz...

Burgruine Rheinfels (Foto: Friedrich Gier, Quelle: Tourist-Information St. Goar)

Burgruine Rheinfels | St. Goar

Rheinfels Castle - the most powerful landmark of St. Goar.

Zentralplatz und Forum Confluentes (Quelle: Koblenz-Touristik GmbH)

Zentralplatz | Koblenz

After several years of

slumber, Koblenzer Zentralplatz has awakened again in 2013 and is now the

pulsating centre of the city on the...

Wassertreppe (Quelle: Tourist-Information Boppard)

Marienberger Park | Boppard

The Marienberger Park is 2 hectar big and designet in an english style .It exists since 1839

Schwarze Madonna (Quelle: Tourist-Information Remagen)

Erinnerungskapelle "Schwarze Madonna" | Remagen

The chapel of the Black Madonna is a monument to the more than 300.000 German prisoners of war, many of whom died there between April and July...

Festung Ehrenbreitstein (Foto: Friedrich Gier, Quelle: Koblenz-Touristik GmbH)

Festung Ehrenbreitstein | Koblenz

With a more than 3000-year-old history, reaching back to the Celts,

Ehrenbreitstein Fortress is already a special feature due to its long...

Kauber Pegel (Foto: welterbe-Atlas, Quelle: Loreley-Touristik e.V.)

Kauber Pegel | Kaub

The level tower in Kaub was build by the Prussia and öpend on 18th May 1905. Since 1951 it is operated with electricity.

Josephtor (Foto: TI Erlebnis Rheinbogen, Quelle: Tourist-Information Sonnige Untermosel)

Josefstor Rhens | Rhens


The Josefstor, seen from the Rhine Gate, is somewhat smaller than the Rhine Gate and never carried a gate tower.

Severus Kirche (Quelle: Tourist-Information Boppard)

St. Severus Kirche | Boppard

This church, which dominates the town, rises up from where the military bath houses once stood within the Roman fort of Boppard. St. Severus is...

Städtischen Bühne (Foto: Stadt Lahnstein, Quelle: Tourist-Info Lahnstein)

Municipal Stage Lahnstein | Lahnstein

Between 1527 and 1606, the building used to be the borderland farm of the Lords of Nassau-Sporkenburg. Since 1998, it has been accommodating the...

Blick zur Burg Katz und St.Goarshausen (Foto: Courtauld Institute Galleries , Quelle: Tourist-Information St. Goar)

William Turner - Standort 13 | St. Goar

On the towpath just outside the village “An der Loreley”, looking towards Burg Katz and St. GoarshausenOn

Monday 25th August 1817 Turner...

Koblenzer Schlosspark mit Koblenzer Schloss (Quelle: Koblenz-Touristik GmbH)

Schlosspark Koblenz | Koblenz

A big garden at the Koblenzer Castle in de city

Burg Rheinfels, Blick über St.Goar (Foto: Privatsammlung, Quelle: Tourist-Information St. Goar)

William Turner - Standort 11 | St. Goar

Rheinfels Castle, View over St. GoarOn

the morning of Sunday 24th August 1817 Turner takes a look around St.

Goar. From the hill...

Fastnachtsmuseum Lahnstein (Foto: Stadt Lahnstein, Quelle: Tourist-Info Lahnstein)

CCO Carnival Museum | Lahnstein

The carnival is one of the greatest fairs in Lahnstein and can be traced to the 16th century.


The museum was found from the...