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Holidays in the romantic Middle Rhine valley: Castles, Wine and River cruises

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  • Marksburg, Braubach
    Marksburg, Braubach
  • Loreley rock, St. Goarshausen
    Loreley rock, St. Goarshausen
  • Ehrenbreitstein Fortress, Koblenz
    Ehrenbreitstein Fortress, Koblenz
  • Pfalzgrafenstein, Kaub
    Pfalzgrafenstein, Kaub
  • Historical town of Boppard
    Historical town of Boppard
  • Koblenz Cable Car and German Corner
    Koblenz Cable Car and German Corner
  • Rhine river cruise
    Rhine river cruise

Travel highlights and activities in the romantic Rhine valley

The Middle Rhine Valley ranks among the most impressive and valuable regions of Germany in terms of its culture and history. As well, the World Heritage Site hosts shape regional cuisine and hospitality with the same care as local vintners cultivate and nurture their vineyards.


Rhine river cruises

There are many places along the Rhine where you can board and alight scheduled river cruises. A wide choice of special themed tours is also on offer - the Rhine in Flames fireworks spectacular, evening cruises to view the illuminated riverbanks and atmospheric cruises with music.

The renowned route from Koblenz to Bingen/Rüdesheim is one of the most beautiful parts of the Rhine river. Once experienced, such a tour, with the riverboat passing steep cliffs, vineyards, romantic castles and cosy villages, will never be forgotten.There are various starting points for the river cruises, mostly departing on a daily basis in the summer season. 

Think about the river cruise companies when you are planning your next hiking or cycling tour in the Rhine valley: The riverboats can easily bring you back to your starting points!

More information about Rhine river cruises.

The Lorelei rock

For some the Lorelei is a 132-metre slate cliff near St. Goarshausen in the heart of the Upper Middle Rhine Valley. For others it is a legendary, perilous stretch of the Rhine that captured the Romantic imagination. For everyone the Lorelei is amazingly beautiful and inspiring. A visitors' centre sits on top of the Lorelei hill and offers insight into the world-famous myth associated with the Lorelei valley.

Historical towns: From Rüdesheim to Braubach

The historical towns in the Middle Rhine valley have wonderfully quaint restaurants and cafés, inns selling home-produced wine, picturesque timber-framed buildings, impressive castles and town walls.

Experience Rüdesheim, one of the best-known small towns on the Rhine. It offers great walking terrain, the Rheinsteig trail for example, and fabulous, historical surroundings in which to enjoy excellent local wines. Other highlights include Ehrenfels castle ruins and a romantic cable car ride.

Rheinfels Castle above St. Goar is the largest castle ruin on the Rhine and Boppard fascinates with its Roman Fort, its beautiful Rhine promenade and the large Bopparder Hamm vineyard.

Braubach is towerd by Marksburg castle, an impressive fortress situated in majestic splendour on top of a rocky cliff. This is the only hilltop castle on the Middle Rine still in its original condition.

Koblenz Cable Car

Visitors of the Koblenz Cable Car can enjoy spectacular views over Deutsches Eck “German Corner”, where the Rhine and Moselle rivers meet, and the UNESCO World Heritage site Oberes Mittelrheintal.

The cable car takes visitors from Konrad-Adenauer-Ufer (the riverside) up to the Ehrenbreitstein Fortress, which rises 118 meters above the Rhine river, opens a fantastic view over Koblenz and the confluence of the Rhine and Moselle at "Deutsches Eck".

“Ehrenbreitstein” Fortress, Europe’s second largest preserved fortress, was constructed between 1817 and 1828 in its present-day design. Every stone is imbued with history here, including modern history, because the Prussian fortress complex has been completely renovated for BUGA, the Federal Horticultural Show in 2011, and enhanced with modern architecture and contemporary gastronomy.

View of the German Corner ("Deutsches Eck") in the city of Koblenz in 360°:

Discover more Videos of the Rhineland-Palatinate on our YouTube channel!

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Probsteigarten (Quelle: Tourist-Information Boppard)

Probsteigarten Hirzenach | Boppard

Back To The RootsYou have to look twice to notice the garden which lies below the impressive Baroque building which is the Provost’s Church. It...

Burg_Rheineck (Foto: Friedrich Gier, Quelle: Tourist-Information Bad Breisig)

Burg Rheineck | Bad Breisig

The building history of the first Rheineck Castle, which appeared shortly before 1115, is by and large unknown. The sources name the count...

Jugendkulturzentrum Lahnstein (Quelle: Tourist-Info Lahnstein)

Youth Cultural Centre Lahnstein | Lahnstein

The youth centre is based on the four pillars "encounter - advice - education - culture". The offers are for people of all age, no...

Senfmühle (Quelle: Tourist-Information Boppard)

Senfmühle Kloster St. Martin Boppard | Boppard

Mustard is one of the oldest spices and its production is an ancient craft. The oil and mustard mill of Rheinwerkstatt Boppard produces in the...

Liebfrauenkirche (Foto: Romantischer Rhein Tourismus GmbH, Quelle: Tourist-Information Oberwesel)

Liebfrauenkirche | Oberwesel

Construction work on today’s Church of Our Lady began in 1308. Its

unique architecture and furnishings make it one of the most important...

Gefängnisturm Unkel (Foto: Friedrich Gier/Romantischer Rhein Tourismus GmbH, Quelle: Romantischer Rhein Tourismus GmbH)

Gefängnisturm | Unkel

Prison Tower

Built in 1550 as part of the city fortifications. Today’s baroque roof

was added in 1700. The prison was located in the...

Burg Rheinberg (Foto: B. Wüst, 2003 aus EBIDAT , Quelle: Tourist Information Lorch am Rhein)

Burg Rheinberg | Lorch am Rhein

Strongly contested in the 13th and 14th centuries, repeatedly occupied and often subjected to severe destruction, in the site above Lorch, in...

Burg Ockenfels (Foto: Friedrich Gier, Quelle: Tourist-Information Stadt Linz am Rhein)

Burg Ockenfels | Linz am Rhein

“Eventful” is no exaggeration for the utilisation of Ockenfels Castle. It was the lords of Leyen who probably erected the core complex in Linz am...

Bopparder Stadtmauer (Foto: Yale Center for British Art, Paul Mellon Collectio, Quelle: Tourist-Information Boppard)

William Turner - Standort 06 | Boppard


in the town






From the riverbank at Boppard...

Kauber Pegel (Foto: welterbe-Atlas, Quelle: Loreley-Touristik e.V.)

Kauber Pegel | Kaub

The level tower in Kaub was build by the Prussia and öpend on 18th May 1905. Since 1951 it is operated with electricity.

Ochsenbrunnen (Quelle: Tourist-Information Sonnige Untermosel)

Ochsenbrunnen Rhens | Rhens

The Ochenbrunnen In May 2003 the Ochsenbrunnen was opened as part of the city regeneration, which also included a redesign of the Rhenser market...

Schloss Arenfels_Herbst (Foto: Jürgen Preiß, Quelle: Tourist-Info Bad Hönningen)

Schloss Arenfels | Bad Hönningen

Arenfels Palace owes its current appearance to a prominent master builder: Ernst Friedrich Zwirner was Karl Friedrich Schinkel’s student. Zwirner,...

1 (Quelle: Tourist-Information Boppard)

Joes Events - Outdoor-Events und Köstlichkeiten aus der Region | Boppard

Experience naturally & enjoy regional:


At Joe's you can expect outdoor events and delicacies from the...

Lotsenmuseum_1 (Quelle: Loreley-Touristik e.V.)

Lotsenmuseum / altes Lotsenhaus | Kaub

The pilot museum is in the old pilot livingroom.You can find yout more about their life with the film about them and it shows you Shipmodels and...

Foto: Ellen Trapp (Quelle: Tourist-Information Oberwesel)

Bäckerei-Museum | Oberwesel

Visit this original, lovingly restored bakehouse which was in operation

from the beginning of the 19th century onwards. The exhibition is...