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Früh-im-Jahr-Markt mit verkaufsoffenem Sonntag | Hachenburg

" Early in the market " with Sunday shopping

and colorful market in the historic downtown


By " early in the market " starts the Hachenburger Werbering with fresh momentum into the market season 2018th

Visitors can look forward to interesting and colorful market on extended Saturday and Sunday 13-18 AM.


He will find Easter gifts can be inspired by current decorating ideas and discover the latest trend for spring .


The member companies of Hachenburger advertising ring enchant all guests welcome .


admission free

You can reach us at:

Werbering Hachenburg
Mittelstraße 10
57627 Hachenburg

phone(0049) 2662 1740


Sa+So11:00–18:00 Uhr
Frühlingsmarkt (Foto: Doris Kohlhas, Quelle: TI Hachenburg) Fußgängerzone (Foto: Doris Kohlhas, Quelle: TI Hachenburg) Kinderkarusell (Foto: Doris Kohlhas, Quelle: TI Hachenburg) Blume (Foto: Doris Kohlhas, Quelle: TI Hachenburg)
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