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Holidays in the Westerwald region: Hiking, nature and much more

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  • Birkenhof Brennerei distillery
    Birkenhof Brennerei distillery
  • Regional specialities in the Westerwald
    Regional specialities in the Westerwald
  • Kräuterwind: Producers of regional specialities
    Kräuterwind: Producers of regional specialities
  • Ceramics at Höhr-Grenzhausen: Museum
    Ceramics at Höhr-Grenzhausen: Museum
  • Marienstatt abbey
    Marienstatt abbey

Travel highlights and activities in the Westerwald

Enjoy your holiday in the beautiful nature of the Westerwald. Make an excursion to the Birkenhof Distillery, where one can taste, among others, home-made whisky, liquor and schnapps.

Birkenhof Brennerei distillery at Nistertal

The Birkenhof Brennerei at Nistertal in the Westerwald region is a traditional grain distillery run by the same family since 1848. "New traditions in old barrels make for a smooth blend" is the motto of the award-winning distillery.

The classic schnapps varieties, pear, plum kirsch and apple, are also distilled on site, as are several whiskies. In 1999, the Birkenhof Brennerei was expanded to include a fruit still and now distils liqueurs from various German beers, herbs such as basil and sage, vegetables such as carrots and beetroot and even bread, as well as fruit. 

In 2010, the distillery won three prestigious awards: the prize for best distillery from the Rhineland/Saarland distiller‘s association in Offenburg, a prize from the Chamber of Agriculture and a national award from the Federal Ministry for Agriculture.

The distillery offers a tour that gives visitors the chance to take a detailed look around the distillery, including a tour of the grain and fruit stills. On this tour, visitors learn the differences between the two types of still and get to see a variety of distilling equipment and techniques. They also have the opportunity to taste a range of liqueurs, fruit brandies and specialities from the Westerwald region.

On the Tracks of "White Gold": Out and about in the Kannenbäcker region

There is a long tradition of working with clay in this region and over the centuries, a unique ceramic culture has become established in the Kannenbäcker region. A number of different events are held every year based around ceramics, like the "Höhr-Grenzhausen Fires Ceramics" open days, the "European Ceramics Market" in Höhr-Grenzhausen or even the "European Pottery Market" in Ransbach-Baumbach, at which potters from all over Europe showcase the diversity of their ceramic creations which always attract many visitors to the Kannenbäcker region.
The Kannenbäcker region has grown from being the former supplier of famous salt-glazed jugs and jars to become the centre of ceramic craftsmanship and training. Thus Europe's largest Ceramics Museum is located in Höhr-Grenzhausen. It is well worth visiting the many ceramic workshops in the Kannenbäcker region, in which visitors can look over the shoulders of the craftsmen and women at work.

Kräuterwind: Enjoy the Westerwald region

Producers of Westerwald regional produce and other representatives of back-to-nature, regional life in the Westerwald have come together under the slogan "Kräuterwind-Genussreich Westerwald" (literally Kräuterwind Culinary Abundance in the Westerwald".
Thus, for example, the Kräuterwind Westerwald Garden Route attracts visitors with 40 beautiful garden stops. Kräuterwind landlords cook with a keen instinct for the Westerwald's herbs and regional produce. Kräuterwind manufacturers sell their newly created, high-quality products at the very first regional markets in the Westerwald and Kräuterwind horticultural professionals offer tips and suggestions for your own garden and home life.

Hachenburg Demonstration Brewery

The Hachenburg demonstration brewery is today the most important family brewery in the Westerwald, not least because of its many popular events, like the Hachenburg Pils Cup. The Hachenburg Brewery also attracts visitors with its Beer Sommelier Tastings and Professional "Tapping" Courses. In September the brewery also invites visitors to get involved with the hop harvest in its own hop garden at its annual Hop Pickers' Festival. Guided tours of the individual stages of production in the brewery are possible, as is a detour to the brewery cinema, where visitors can learn more about Hachenburg beer specialities.

Castles, Palaces and Monasteries in the Westerwald

The palaces and castles of the Westerwald region are proud testimonies of the past. Take a journey back in time and visit Grenzau Castle, for example, with the only triangular keep in Germany or the Crottorf Moated Castle in Friesenhagen. The tower of the Hartenfels castle ruins is also called "Schmanddipp" as it resembles a pot of cream. Montabaur Palace, which is now a four-star hotel, offers historical style and a range of top-class spa and wellness treatments. Switch off from everyday life and refocus on the important things in life in selected monasteries in the Westerwald.

View over the city of Hachenburg:

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seek'n win (Quelle: Tourist-Information "Hoher Westerwald")

SEEK'N'WIN Tour "Renneroder Rad-Rallye" | Waldmühlen

Bicycle-Schnitzeljagd (about 20 km, duration approx. 2.5 hours)


Starting point: Waldmühlen near...

Blick ins Fockenbachtal (Foto: Touristik-Verband Wiedtal e.V., Quelle: Touristikverband Wiedtal e.V.)

Fockenbachtal | Niederbreitbach

The carless valley is a particularly protected landscape part of the nature park Rhein-Westerwald and is ideal for hiking and cycling trips.

Krippenmuseum Waldbreitbach (Foto: Krippenmuseum Waldbreitbach, Quelle: Touristikverband Wiedtal e.V.)

Int. Krippen- und Bibelmuseum | Waldbreitbach

International Nativity Museum "Gustl 's Nativity World More than 2400 Christmas Cribs and Passion Cribs from all over the world are lovingly...

Ehrenhain Atzelgift (Foto: Matthias Schneider, Quelle: Tourist-Information Hachenburger Westerwald)

Ehrenhain Atzelgift | Atzelgift

Cenotaph Atzelgift



Directly on the Kleine Nister on the edge of the forest "Hardt"

is the...

Konrad-Adenauer-Platz (Foto: Stadt Montabaur , Quelle: Tourist-Information Montabaur)

Konrad-Adenauer-Platz | Montabaur

Konrad-Adenauer Square

Over the years this modern square in the heart of the town has been used for a variety of purposes, including a...

Roßbacher Häubchen (Foto: Touristik-Verband Wiedtal e.V., Quelle: Touristikverband Wiedtal e.V.)

Aussichtspunkt Roßbacher Häubchen | Roßbach/Wied

The war mark Roßbachs is the 350 m high eroded volcanic cone. An educational trail explains the Basaltabbau from 1883-1942. From the viewing...

Evangelische Kirche Waldbreitbach (Foto: ev. Kirchengemeinde Waldbreitbach, Quelle: Touristikverband Wiedtal e.V.)

Evangelische Kirche Waldbreitbach | Waldbreitbach

Ev. Church Community Am Kaltberg 1 56588 Waldbreitach Tel. 0 26 38/41 03 Sunday Mass at 10.15 am

Walderlebnispfad (Foto: Ortsgemeinde Heilberscheid, Quelle: Tourist-Information Montabaur)

Walderlebnispfad | Heilberscheid

In collaboration with the local community in the forest of Heilberscheid, the workgroup Customs Culture and Social Affairs has established a...

Waldkapelle (Foto: Matthias Schneider, Quelle: Tourist-Information Hachenburger Westerwald)

Waldkapelle Atzelgift | Atzelgift

Chapel in the forest




On the occasion of the 600th anniversary of the municipality Atzelgift...

Gipfelkreuz Atzelgift (Foto: Matthias Schneider, Quelle: Tourist-Information Hachenburger Westerwald)

Weltjugendtagskreuz Atzelgift | Atzelgift

Summit cross Atzelgift



The summit cross was erected on the occasion of the 20th World Youth Day...

Luftbildaufnahme (Foto: Dominik Ketz, Quelle: Tourist-Information Hachenburger Westerwald)

Schloss Hachenburg | Hachenburg

Hachenburg Castle


The city‘s castle is located at Hachenburg‘s highest point. The unique location of the castle...

Schloss Montabaur (Foto: Stadt Montabaur , Quelle: Tourist-Information Montabaur)

Schloss | Montabaur

The Castle

The yellow castle is Montabaur‘s most famous landmark and its impressive skyline and unusual colour it make it immediately...

Luftaufnahme  (Foto: Dominik Ketz, Quelle: Tourist-Information Hachenburger Westerwald)

Westerwälder Seenplatte | Dreifelden

The Dreifelder Weiher, the Haiden-, Hofmanns-, Brinken-, postal, Wölferlinger- and Hausweiher together form the Westerwälder...

Angeln in der Wied, Waldbreitbach (Foto: Touristik-Verband Wiedtal e.V., Quelle: Touristikverband Wiedtal e.V.)

Angeln in der Wied | Waldbreitbach

Fishing permits for the fishing sections Roßbach, Waldbreitbach, Hausen and Niederbreitbach are available from the local tourist office...

Tertiärum (Foto: M. Rudolph, Quelle: Tourist-Information WällerLand)

Tertiärum | Enspel

The TERTIÄRUM - Earth's for young and old In TERTIÄRUM visitors can feel the atmosphere of bygone times downright: Bathed in red glowing light...