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Holidays in the Westerwald region: Hiking, nature and much more

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Barfußpfad | Rehe

When was the last time you walked barefoot across a lush green meadow? When was the last time you felt sand between your toes? And do you know how it feels to run over pine cones?


Did you know that Sebastian Kneipp has already recommended walking barefoot as an important element of health care?



The lovingly designed barefoot trail in Deer is located on the grounds of the Christian recreation center and is free of charge from May to October.



There are various subsoils, e.g. Sand, pine cones, earth, pebbles, wood and grass, and you can even practice watering.

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Barfusspfad Rehe

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Barfußpfad Rehe (Foto: CEH, Quelle: Tourist-Information "Hoher Westerwald") Barfußpfad_1 (Foto: CEH, Quelle: Tourist-Information "Hoher Westerwald")
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