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Holidays in the Westerwald region: Hiking, nature and much more

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Bogenparcours Hof Dapprich | Seck

Experience nature first hand! - New attractive leisure activities at Hofgut Dapprich in the new NaturErlebnisWelt Hofgut Dapprich GbR. (NEW). In the foreground is the natural experience: feeling the nature - smelling nature - discovering nature - tasting nature - making nature experienceable!




The first project is intuitive archery, also known as meditation or therapeutic archery, is a combination of technique - meditation - conscious breathing and equal movements of movement. Consciousness, intuition, mindfulness and serenity are the cornerstones of intuitive archery. "Finding My Stand - Taking My Goal - Building Tension - and Releasing" - with this recurring process and concentration on oneself and the goal, the shooter learns to perceive what drives him internally and lets go of it and relax. Intuitive archery in the newly opened 3D archery course can be implemented particularly well. 30 goals lead the riflemen through an adventurous course through nature and the local forests. Feel good, let go, relax and have fun here are a big part of this sport.


Registration and further information: Gerhard Frank (Tel. 0152 24297342) or Bernd Schneider (Tel. 0151 23575955).

You can reach us at:

Hofgut Dapprich
Dappricher Hof
56457 Seck

Phone(0049) 152 24297342

Schnupperkurse DI (Foto: NEW Gbr, Quelle: Tourist-Information "Hoher Westerwald") Bogenparcours (Foto: NEW Gbr, Quelle: Tourist-Information "Hoher Westerwald")
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