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Holidays in the Westerwald region: Hiking, nature and much more

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Fuchskaute | Willingen

657 meters above sea level. NN - higher is now really no longer - even in the Hohen Westerwald not. But whoever assumes that on the Fuchskaute the (civilized) world has come to an end, and only the fox and the hare said good night up there, lies wrong. Numerous walkers and nature lovers would like to stay here, where the

Two premium hiking trails Rothaarsteig and Westerwald-Steig, a good day.

A good day can only be in the enchanting high-latitude around the Fuchskaute, where one finds abruptly in the nature reserve on treasures such as wild orchids and many rare mountain plants. Where rugged rocks form mysterious structures and reminiscent of pagan cults. And where the guesthouse "Fuchskaute" is genuine Westerwälder hospitality at home. In the inn with a wide range of culinary offerings, everyone feels like at home and in the new Fuchskauten barn, the culture is at home in concerts, worship, theater and readings.

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Fuchskaute2 (Foto: WTS, Quelle: Tourist-Information "Hoher Westerwald") Fuchskaute (Foto: WTS, Quelle: Tourist-Information "Hoher Westerwald") Fuchskaute1 (Foto: WTS, Quelle: Tourist-Information "Hoher Westerwald")
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