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Historischer Kreuzweg zum Druidenstein | Kirchen

At the end of Druidenstraße in Herkersdorf, passing the Heilig-Kreuz Church, you will find the beginning of a worth seeing and even artistically designed Way of the Cross, which meanders up to the right of an old water gallery over a length of about 600 metres to the National Geotope Druidenstein and shows the Passion of Jesus Christ. The construction of a total of 14 stations in the form of small grottos goes back to the Catholic Crossroads Building Association Herkersdorf (today the Catholic Church Building Association Herkersdorf-Offhausen e. V.) founded on 23 March 1919.



You can reach us at:

Historischer Kreuzweg zum Druidenstein
57548 Kirchen-Herkersdorf

Phone(0049) 2741 688-850

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The Historical Way of the Cross to the Druidenstein is freely accessible all year round.



Historischer Kreuzweg zum Druidenstein (Foto: Sven Wolff, Kirchen, Quelle: ) Kreuzweg zum Druidenstein, Station (Foto: Sven Wolff, Kirchen, Quelle: ) Kreuzweg mit Ausblick auf Herkersdorf (Foto: Sven Wolff, Kirchen, Quelle: ) Kreuzweg kurz vor dem Druidenstein (Foto: Sven Wolff, Kirchen, Quelle: )
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