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Marienstatt | Streithausen

In 1212 the story of the Cistercian abbey Marienstatt began.

Today, the popular place of pilgrimage is one of the spiritual and cultural centers of the Westerwald.

The Cistercians founded their monasteries in remote locations to search in solitude and God

to serve in prayer the people.

So also Marienstatt originated in a narrow valley of Nister on the northwestern edge of the Westerwald.


Locally there is the private school of the abbey, the guesthouse, the book and art dealer, and

the site brewery.

You can reach us at:

Abtei Marienstatt
57629 Marienstatt

Phone(0049) 2662 95350


Luftbildaufnahme Abtei Marienstatt (Quelle: Tourist-Information Hachenburger Westerwald) Abtei Marienstatt (Quelle: Tourist-Information Hachenburger Westerwald)
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